Choices we make daily to challenges of life

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We all have one or two problems in life that has taken away our joy, happiness, love, is have caused emotional breakdown bringing tears to our eyes, making everyday a living hell.

"Tears" have always ever been a symbol of human and drops of it is always created from a place of beauty.

Every teardrop is worth it, for a tear to be shed, it means something extraordinary has happened in the person's life, it can be positive or negative.

As human, we are faced with life threatening challenges of discovering the unusual, potentially limiting conditions of our day to day lives, and then learning how to stop those conditions from disabling or dampling our spirits making us shed tears.

Some outer physical conditions have certain impact on a person, like poor hearing, baldness, color blindness, and allergies, hunger, disablilities, autism.

Other conditions include inner and private grief, depression, addiction, loneliness, anger, hate, heartbroken.

Some conditions are culturally imposed, sometimes our culture label people as disadvantage or underprivileged or less than ideal condition, such as single parent, minority race, or extreme, racism.

In other for you to achieve your day to day goals and achieving it, you will have to deal with your condition(s) in one way or the other, and we face four choices everyday, whether to :

• Sleep in
• Cave in
• Tune in
• Digging in

Sleeping in and caving in causes more problems while tuning in and digging a way out of the problem is expedient.
Are you willing to pursue with diligence and enthusiasm the best way forward for your life?.

Just Tune in and Dig in



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When we cry, we are cleansing our heart and soul at the same time.


It wipe away all the pasts too, makes us smile again

Greetings, Teardrops SMT (@surpassinggoogle) visited you and added a tear of joy.
A Tear Now Has Value # 8


Wow! Thank you! Every tear is worth it, and have value, @surpassinggoogle @teardrops God bless you