My spoiled pets: powder sky and sofia

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I love pets actually I have four pets...2 dogs and 2 cats.

This is powder the most behave of them all. Powder is only 5 years old..but never it gave me a problem actually it helps a lot in taking care of #greatkid. They play most of the time...he just stay at home....never did he loved playing outside.

I also have another dog johnson...but he is very impatient and most of the time he wanted to hurt people that is why we just let him stay in the cage.

This is sky our crazy cat...he is as impatient as johnson. He is really a territorial cat. When he sleeps never...ever...hold him or else he will bite you.

This is sofia...the youngest of our pet. I only saw her in the streets and I almost hit her...I picked her up and took her home. She is too small during that time. I just put her in my pocket.

She looks like this when she sleeps...

One more time sofia...

Sofia left for a week I dont know if she was lost or what

All of them have their separate room...they don't sleep together in a room.

I love seeing them

Photos are all mine

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