#greatkid clay art #2 : chick, snail, flower and ultraman's foe

in teardrops •  last year

Welcome to #greatkid second clay art. I love him doing his clay art...he don't draw good but to our surprise he made a good clay art...

Let me show you his works and as he patiently curves his art.

He is very proud showing his art...I love how he made.

Greatkid in action....

One more time...he did not eat dinner until he finished doing it.

Chick clay art...

He claimed this as snail clay art..the hero in "turbo"

A flower clay art....

Those who watches the ultraman...look at it if it looks like ultraman's foe

Showing how happy he is while doing this.

Personal Acknowledgement

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Photos are all mine

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These are superb, your son does have a real talent with clay - I can definitely see Turbo the snail.



yeah I love his turbo and chicken...actually I love it all sir...its his work and Im proud of it

haha. ang cute.ang galing ni kiddo. XX


natuwa din ako sis sa ginawa nya..di sya maganda magdrawing pero kakatuwa clay art nya

very cool


thank you brother


you are welcome my sister

He is such an amazing kid, i respect his talent, i remember the first set of his art works you showed us here then, please encourage and motivate him to do more

It is great he has you to cheer him on and take interest in his life!
God bless!
Daddy William

very artistic and creative kid. he will be one of the finest individuals in the art industry. continue supporting him with his passion and likes. done upvoting you.

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