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Sometimes i feel frustrated and demotivated for my inability to start my publishing journey as i planned at the begining of the year.

As 207 drawed to an end, i made a plan to start online publishing and publish atleast two books before the end of the first quarter in 2018. I was bursting with enthuasism,energy and high expectation. In my effort to achieve this, i set up account with online book publishing sites (kdp.amazon,draft2digital and createspace).Payment detail,billing address,tax information all set up and everything look good to me.

From the onset, i knew i couldn't do all the writing and editing with my old and unreliable phone but i was hoping things will be straighten up along the way. Despite my too tight sheduled,I did manage to write and completed the first book ( pen and paper) before the end of February,2018 quite alright, but getting it on the publising site is a challenge. I am really low on motivation at the moment.

My immediate concern now is how to get this manuscript into soft copy and on to my bookshelf on those sites. I am gradually losing the steem to write again.
How i wish i have a pc to work with.
Any form of encouragements are welcome.

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Thank you and good luck.