Dear STIARY - 4-8-2018

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April 8, 2018 | Sunday

Dear Stiary,

Hello, How are you? Today It was just an ordinary Day just the usual, woke up at 6:30AM made breakfast, clean the house the whole morning. We don't have any schedule for today and it's also rainy day so we just stayed at home

Until after lunch, while everyone is taking our nap, someone is at the gate, so my nephew went there to see. So it was for my mom. After like 30 minites of them talking my mom called me, she told me who are the visitors,

My mom is working in a local governement office, Department of Social Welfare and Development, so we are used of having surprise visitor during weekend asking for advice or assistance, like battered wife, legal separation, father support. So those are the usual concern.

So today's concern was child abuse, The teenager was being beaten by her grandmother (she's an orphan), So since it's weekend her concerned neighbor asked my mom what to do, the teenager told my mom that she don't want to go home.

My mom ask my husband to drive them they need to go to the head of their office, So i went with them too...

So to make the story short the social worker, the grandma and the teenager talked, the grandma says that her granddaughter is so disrespectful, she's curaing her grandma, that's why she's beating her as a punishment,

So we got home like 5pm already, I prepared dinner, and after dinner we just watched tv and now watching F1 Race at Bahrain.... Go Vettel!!!!


With what happen to the teenager, I don't know whose to blame, But I just realized that it's really hard for the children when they became orphan at a very young age. No one to guide them, especially with the situation of the teenager, Her being disrespectful shows that no one guide her to what is wrong or right. The feeling that no one understand you and no one to go to when you have a problem.

So that's how my Sunday went,

Thank you so much for visiting my very short Stiary, You can have your own STIARY, it's nice to share our learnings and experiences everyday, and day by day you've got to realized how grateful you are for what you have

Steeming to the Moon,

Always look at the brighter side ❤️❤️❤️

Have a great day Steemtizens!!!

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good article, I am one of the victims of parental divorce and sad stories from year to year, a noble job, hopefully can keep those who need help so as not to divorce, caiooo @avhyaceulip


Sorry to hear that @olgiz246,

Thak you sooo much for visiting, hope I can be of help to everyone here...😘😊❤️