Day 1: Steemit Gratitude & Giving Back Challenge (Thanks @Samstickkz)

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Give before you take, give without looking back. Even in the English dictionary, the word 'give' is before the word 'take.' May be the arrangement is coincidence, but it goes a long way to prove that it is good to be a GIVER rather than being a TAKER.


Steemit has really improved how I interact with the world, this journey was not a lone one, it was beautifully coloured by people, real humans. I came here not alone, a fellow cryptocurrency enthusiastic told me about here (steemit). Technically, I may still have heard about this great decentralized social media platform without him, but it will never be an early voyage. Time, I have no value for it (priceless).

When a tree let go of it roots, even a little wind will make jest of it. Its fall is imminent.


@samstickzz is a man which several thousands of Nigerian youth will ever be grateful to, he talked about blockchain like that's his field of study in the university. It is really all about passion, huh? It is more than that, there is an underlying burning desire in him, that want to empower anyone and everyone with information, and powerful ideas.

I once asked, why is it that @samstickkz does not find it cool to keep useful information only to himself? He has seen both sides of life, and he want to help enough people pull out of bad life situations.

My Dedication

Dear Samuel
You've been pivotal to adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain in Nigeria, especially in Southeastern part. I understand that you are extremely busy and engaged, hence you cannot support everyone that you brought onboard. But sincerely, you have done your best. One should be grateful to anyone who tell us that we should walk, whether you are helped in walking process or not. For this reason, I am grateful.

I recall your engagement on WhatsApp in mid 2017, how you passionately tell people about steemit via voice record. The whole steemit experience has been phenomena, but you kept motivating everyone, not through words, but by (you) not giving up.
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Here is a token from me, a tiniest symbol of gratitude, you deserve more than this. I realised that I have been TAKING lately, without GIVING back. This is quite unusual of me, my personality is built on giving.

So I am going to dedicate entire week to giving back, I want to appreciate everyone that has helped me in my steemit journey, no matter how small.

Dear @samstickkz, this gratitude would not have happened without you, you brought me here and I owe you a lot. THANK YOU!


I want to invite you to join me in this fun-gratitude challenge, set aside a blog post and dedicate it to everyone that has helped you in your steemit journey. No matter how little, send a token to them in form of steem/SBD. Please NOTE that this is not compulsory, what matter is your intention behind dedication letter.

This post was inspired by @mermaidvampire, check more information here

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Thank you for making this challenge. It's always good to look back and be grateful. I am cooking up another challenge. Thank you so much @autofreak! Keep steeming, cheers!


It took me so long to realize that I owe the world, everything is not always about me.

When I read about this challenge, I was happy, it is all I need right now.

I gotta be grateful for everything.

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Wow wow.... This actually brought tears out of my eyes. Thank you sir for this. I'm grateful


Stay awesome boss!

@samstickkz is one in a million. He is relentless in his pursuit and that is a great quality. Prosterity will speak for you Sam. One day. One day you will see my post about you. Keep up the good works. I'm always grateful and proud of you. Blesssings!!


I can't wait to see it too.


Wow, thank you @gloeze