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I knew everyone is celebrating valentines day but not everyone is enjoying the hearts day. Some are sad and some are happy. Me? I'm a bit sad or I don't know what to feels after my husband's reaction which is so awkward.

So here is our conversation:

Husband is calling.....

Me: I canceled the phone call because I was sleeping that time and got wake up with his phone call.

Hubby texted me:

Hubby: 'Tana Mangaon ta sa Chowking, manihapon' He says that we will go to #chowking for a dinner. (That was 4:30pm) And we are 30 minutes before we arrive in the city through jeep.

Me: (Getting confused) How come he texted me on that hour and it's almost dark when we arrived, then I have two kids, I'm going to bath and wear them a clothes and it took 20 minutes to do that, because my girls are also 'maarte' or choosy when it comes on wearing a clothes. ( I have no time to prepare).

Me: 'Ayaw na kay hapon na' Meaning, it's almost evening and when we arrived to the city for sure it is already 6 or 7 then we will go back to our house so it's almost 9 pm already then the kids are also there. So I said next time we will eat.

Hubby: ' May okasyon man gud' There is occasion.

Me: 'Unsa nga okasyon nga sige lang bitaw ta kaon sa gawas' We always going outside and eat, what's the occasion, maybe we can go next time.

Hubby: 'Okay sa Sunday nalang' Okay okay, let's eat on Sunday.

So, that was all our convesations and I though it's all fine to him that we will go outside this Sunday. When he arrived at home, he didn't talk to me, I call him for dinner still he didn't eat and he sleep directly without taking dinner. I asked him what's wrong. He didn't even answer me a single words and just told me, I ignore him. So akward. Besides we already celebrated the valentines day before, we celebrated advance. Then for me everyday is valentines day.

Up to now, he is not on his mode. So, I never talk to him again. I therefore conclude that valentines is the reason why my hubby is awkward the reason why for our misunderstanding.

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Maybe it will help to put yourself in your husband's place, and from this place try to understand him. Life is beautiful, try to simplify it. Happy day.
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I think I do understand why your husband is a little bit of. I know that you are full of love that is why you believe that valentines day is everyday but then your husband wants this day to be extra special for you and I think you did not appreciate it that much.