The Love of a Father to his Child.

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No one can compare the love of a father to his child and the child to his father.

Words are never enough to express the gratitude I have for you. Without your chastisement and discipline, I would not push to be what I am now. You are my best supporter, my biggest . You are my hero my and forever Idol.Thank . I may have disappointed you many times but bear in mind that I will try to be the daughter you want me to be. Indeed, you are God's blessing to me, I love you very much! No doubt it.

Hey guys, meet my Father.

me my father and my two brothers. This is our picture when I was on vacation

This is my two angels my father and my mother who guide and raised me into this world. From my heart, I really love you both. will be. Thank you for continuously love.

my beloved mother and father

My family We are not perfect from each other. We had been fighting, But at the end of the day, they are and will always be my everything.

I've learned lots of things from my father but there are one things I cannot forget.

Be responsible and have a big faith and trust in God.

my family brother sister my cousin and my father

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God is good all.the time

Get well soon.
I wish I had a daddy.

thanks @erelasblog we miss your post.. :)