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Sorry is not enough to forgive what I've done..
I know I had hurt you from the start..
And I felt so bad.
And yet, I wanted things to worked it out,
I tried for the second time around.

But we just don't fit in.
In this relationship, I am to blame...
For I wanted to find if I'll be happy to you..
And guess, I less love you.
Or I am not that into you..

Someday, you'll find what you seek,
Cause' right now I can't give what you need.
My feelings for you are only for a friend.
Hope you'll understand what I'm trying to tell,
Thanks and hope we'll be friends... So, till' we meet again.


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Teardrops SMT (@surpassinggoogle) sends you a tear of joy.

A Tear Now Has Value # 8


Thank you soo much @teardrops and @surpassinggoole It was an overwelming and priviledge to be one of the list... From the button of my heart I thank you for you bring me out from the ocean of no body. I gain attention by many for such amazing influence of yours...
I owe you soo much... Thank you! Godblessed and keep safe as always....

and sorry is not easy to say


Yeah! To say sorry is the most difficult move in such events, for it take gots and fearless act. @spark92

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