My Entry For @surpassinggoogle's Teardrop Media Token Logo -1

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Hello friends I am @alejoclawful graphic designer and draftsman as they are, here I bring you my entry for @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops
the design is done in corelDRAW X6 in a time of 2 hours and 30 minutes
the creation and final design is shown.

hola amigos soy @alejoclawful diseñador gráfico y dibujante como están aquí les traigo mi entrada para @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops
el diseño lo realice en corelDRAW X6 en un tiempo de 2 horas y 30 minutos
se muestra la creación y el diseño final.

Desing finalized / Diseño finalizado:

Eye teadrops finish.jpg

Creative process / Proceso creativo:

ojo teadrops creacion.jpg

As you can notice my mother tongue is Spanish in the creative process says the following: FILLING TEXTURE - ABOUT THE STORM

I hope you liked it there, comment and vote I would appreciate it a lot...

support and continue as a witness @surpassinggoogle and @teadrops and vote!


Espero les allá gustado, comenten y voten lo apreciaria mucho...

apoyen y seguir como testigo a @surpassinggoogle and @teadrops y voten


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Muy hermoso diseño para ilustrar el mensaje implícito en @teardrops.
@surpassingoogle merece todo esfuerzo.
Felicidades @alejoclawful.


gracias @armonia aprecio mucho tu comentario :)

@alejoclawful al pelo ese diseño :), el artista clawful ajajaj

@alejoclawful to the hair that design :), the artist clawful ajajaj


thanks friend !!! gracias amigo !!!

Esta muy bonito su trabajo @alejoclawful, felicitaciones.


gracias milenita!!! :)

I especially love the simplicity of the teardrops themselves... and the color Teal couldn't be better. Nice job!


thanks really ... I'm very happy with your comment friend!

Your design is very beautiful, thanks for your effort.


thanks to you ... I'm very happy that you liked it :D


amazing drawing man...👍


thanks very much @sushovon002

You did great, this is beautiful. Total love the design and colour selections.


It's cool that you liked it! Thanks for your comment!

Hermosa =)


gracias @micch que bueno que te allá gustado!


eres muy bienvenido querida :)


Very good post


I agree with you @mr-taleb :)

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Nice design , i will have to learn coral drawn and photoshop because i just love graphic design .
@surpassingoggle please how will i vote for you for witness because you have been really helpful to the community.


Thanks for your comment, little by little you will learn!
You look for @steemgigs and @surpassingoggle friend :)

This is nice!


thanks bro!

for me also very helpful, krna I can take motivation from the gmbar that you vote. hopefully I can always diliat your vote


thank you friend and you too!

So beautiful.... Well done
You did justice to that.... Nice one


Thanks friend :)