Teardrops For My Husband Living With Vitiligo And How He Is Dealing And Coping With The Disease

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Vitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. The extent and rate of color loss from vitiligo is unpredictable. It can affect the skin on any part of your body. It may also affect hair and the inside of the mouth.

Normally, the color of hair and skin is determined by melanin. Vitiligo occurs when the cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning. Vitiligo affects people of all skin types, but it may be more noticeable in people with darker skin.

The condition is not life-threatening or contagious.
It can be stressful or make you feel bad about yourself.

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I meet my husband in early 2007. He has some small white patches already around his mouth, hands and feet. It wasn't my first time to see a person with Vitiligo but I admit I was shock when I first saw him. 10369585_607520822687637_2267688064357614498_n.jpgPhoto is mine
His Vitiligostarted in 1995. He was so shy. He told me that he currently gave up his job because of his vitiligo is noticeable and he can't hide it anymore. (He is a seaman.) He can't stand the stares of the people around him. Some children referred him to be just like a cow... A monster.

Vitiligo made him depressed, anti-social, had self-pity and lowered his self-esteem.

Luckily, he is surrounded by supportive family and friends. He joined Support Communities and Groups with Vitiligo. It helped him regain his old self and he is better than before.

In 2008, he was hired to work abroad. He grabbed the opportunity for our future because we are already building our family then.IMG_20180204_135929.jpg

It is not easy to be alone and far from your family, he said. But I was amazed that despite of everything he showed nothing but his strength.

We tried different ointment and natural oils and make ups th o cover but there is no development as Vitiligo has no cure.

The vitiligo now covers half of his entire body. But he is not shy or afraid to go out now. He joins us on picture taking and selfies(but needs approval if I want to post it. LOL!) IMG_20180202_235210.jpg

I thank @iwrite for mentoring me, for his time and patience.
I am very blessed and thankful to have him as my mentor. And to @lunamystica for adding me in the group.

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the world needs amazing and supportive women like you. continue to be your family's strength and may God bless you.


Thank you and God bless you too:)

Good story that’s I saw how a strong woman you are that able to take care of his husband without leaving behind all his suffering. You touch my heart. Keep spread the love salute to all the woman like you.😘


Thank you the kind words @reroelbuton😘

Your husband is a brave man :) He doesn't care what others think of him as long as he can go out together with your family. I admire him for his bravery. Be well and live long @akoaypilipina :)


Thank you.. Yes he is.. I told him that he should not worry about what others think or say about him.. He should live a normal life because thats the way it should be🙂

You're very strong don't lose hope and your husband seems to be brave and powerful to fight against this disease


Yes, thank you. Though the disease is uncurable it's not contagious.

he is lucky to have a supportive wife


I'm luckier to have him maam daisy. He is a wonderful man😍

Sad but with the love around and the support from the group and family he's moving on with confidence.


Yes sir he is a lot confident now. Unlike before he really doesn't want to go out and join picture takings.. Ngayon nagseselfie na sya. Lol!

Bless you for your love and support to your man. Keep it up @akoaypilipina spread love not hate. :)


Thank you sis😘

I wish your husband get well soon my friend! This is sad 😞😭


Thank you @shohana.😘


welcome dear!

The most important on that case is the support coming from his family and you didn't failed to show that. Kudos to you and to your husband. : )

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It's not easy to have that but we cannot question God for having that... Enough he have a loving family and mostly a caring and supportive wife like you where he can get all his strength to be strong.

He still blessed compared to dying and disabled people, He can still walk, see, talk and hear... he is still able to see and feel how blessed and lucky to live in this world with their love ones.