Life Lesson: Grateful For My Daughter Who Learned The Power Of Apologizing

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Yesterday, my daughter Juliana arrived home from school crying... I asked why and what happened.

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I don't want to attend Centro Aperto (It's an organization run by the community to help students in their lesson) already. Giada is not my friend, anymore!

Opsss! I felt anger in the way she talked so I calmed her down first. I asked her if she would like something to eat. She just asked for yogurt and grabbed the Pringles on the table. She ate while watching TV.

Then as soon as I felt her relaxed and calm already, I asked her how she did in school. (I ask her everyday, every time she comes home.) I let her talk and I listened to her attentively.

She said she did well in the class. In Centro Aperto they played a game and their team lost. The winning team were so happy. And Giada (from winning team) wouldn't stop telling her that they won and making faces in front of her. Juliana walked out, waved her hand as she left and accidentally hit Giada's hand. I don’t know if was hard or not.

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Martina, the teacher saw Juliana walk out, she called her and sat with her on the bleachers. She asked her what happened and Juliana told her side. Martina then called and asked Giada also. Giada said Juliana is bugiarda.

Tinawag nya akong bugiarda. Hindi ako bugiarda, mommy.

Bugiarda means lier. So that's the reason why she went home crying.

I told her that maybe you hurt Giada when you waved your hand. Can you tell her you are sorry for that?


"No, hindi ako magsosorry. Hindi ko naman kasalanan.. Dapat sya muna ang magsosorry!" (No, I won't say sorry. It's not my fault...She should say she's sorry first!)


"You must say sorry for what happened. Even if it's not your fault, try to understand everything. After all, Giada is your classmate and your good friend. Saying sorry doesn't mean it's your fault or that you are wrong. It means you value your friendship and you don't want ruin it. It doesn't matter who will apologize first. But apologizing early can prevent deeper misunderstanding between the two of you. ", I told her.

I know that it's natural for kids to play and quarrel, then later as if nothing happened, they're playing again. When they're angry they tend to say bad things, just like grownups.

"What if Giada won't accept my apology?” Juliana asked me afterwards.

"Well, if that's the case, maybe she's still hurt. Or she doesn't feel that you are sincere in your apology.” I answered back.

I will make a card and give it as a peace offering to her, she said.

IMG_20180321_120054.jpgPhoto is mine.

IMG_20180321_115917.jpgPhoto is mine. She made an I'm sorry card and got a chocolate for Giada.

I felt happy that Juliana absorbed what I just taught her about the essence of sincere apology. Sorry is not a hard word to say but it has a powerful meaning and effect. When you admit your mistakes, it can help regain trust, respect and rebuilds relationships. I know that as she gets nearer into her teenage years, she'll encounter more difficult situation.

I thank @iwrite for mentoring me.

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You are indeed a good mother.. Thank you!

sweet na bata:)
parang si mommy.
have a good day sis.


Aww thanks 😘
Parang ikaw rin sis:)
akin na lang yong starfish ha hehe

nice Dear Ma'am #Thank You


You're welcome:)

Good job mommy! Julianna is such a nice kid, napakamasunurin sa nanay,hehe.


Hehehe maka nanay sis😍

good for you


Thank you so much mam daisy😍

Good parenting sis @akoaypilipina 👍🏻


Thanks sis😍

Brilliant mother, bright children.


Thank you for the compliments @teardrops😍

Good for you.

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Saying the word "Sorry" is one of the hardest word to say but it can make the hardest heart become soft.
Good values of teaching sis!