Saying Goodbye has never been easy...

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Have you tried saying goodbye to a family member, a friend, or a relative? It's difficult, isn't it? Why saying goodbye is so difficult for us? I on my part don't like goodbyes. Last March 3, my husband who arrived last Feb. 2 here needs to say his farewell again to us. He will be going back to Qatar after a 1 month vacation. He is an OFW or an overseas Filipino worker.


He started going abroad to work at an early age because according to him, their life before was really difficult to the point of not eating a meal within the day. That really pushed him to work and really strive hard so that he can help his family. So he had been in and out of the country for 14 years now, working so hard to help his family and our family as well. These are some of the photos that I took on the day of his departure.


My son Kiel tried to stop him from leaving. He wants to go with him




My husband started to cry. I know how difficult it is for him to say goodbye to our kids.


Kiel still insists in going with him. He followed him to the gate, hoping that his Papa (father) would not leave anymore. I was already teary eyed as I was watching them.


How I wish that time would come that he would never leave anymore to work in another country. I feel so sad for our kids. I tried to explain to Kiel in a way that he could easily understand what I'm trying to tell him why his Papa (father) needs to leave and work in another country for the meantime. Until now, every time he hears our gate open, he usually runs to the door, hoping that his Papa (father) would show up. It breaks my heart every time Kiel tells me this, Mommy, I think that's Papa (father) I heard the gate opened". I know time will come we will be together again as a family. No more teardrops of sadness but it will all be teardrops of happiness.

All photos are mine.
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Thank you God bless everyone!

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I remember those time when my mother left home to work abroad. At first I really dont understand why she do that, But later on, I realized, when she let my, brother and sister are now professional from her hardwork abroad.


I know someday my kids will understand why their father needs to work for the meantime in another country.

Goodbyes has always been difficult but we have to take what live throws us

I know how difficult it is. Just endure and have faith he's coming back home soon


Yes, that's true. I just need to face reality. Thank you.

I can so relate, sis. My husband just left and back to the US over a month ago to go work. Though it is hard on our part, he needed to do what's the best for the family. Hugs to you too. Xoxoxo


Thank you sis. Hirap talaga kahit na ilan beses sya pabalik balik don hinding hindi kami nasasanay sa pagalis nya.

oh boy. kelan ulit bakasyon hehehe


Tagal ulit ferdz bago sya magbakasyon

I cried a river when my son had to go to college in Baguio, and more so when my daughter had to leave me too. I hate good byes though just for now. They break my heart but it's a reality we have to face that 'goodbyes' are parts of life. Be strong in the Lord @ajasmin.


Tama po. Hirap lang kc maka move on. Thank you po @jap60.

Bon voyage and God will provide.


Thank you.