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Our study is a big part of our youth. Studying serves as our second life apart from our personal activities in life. Throughout the day of our daily life almost half of our day is devoted to studying and entering school as students. Part of our life and experience runs within our school. There we learn the knowledge and there we learn. In our teachers we learn the knowledge of many things. We also learn from them the aspect of life. The school and all there are are our second homes. Our learning in association with our classmates serves as a way to learn to mingle and mingle with different people. At school, our skills are strengthened and it is increasingly growing thanks to the support of our teachers. But in spite of this, despite the benefits we enjoy while studying we have more responsibilities. We must be diligent in all things especially in the work that relates to our subject matter. We should respect our teachers and relatives. We must follow our school's statutes and laws that will bring discipline to us. We should appreciate the things that help us grow. We have to know how to do the right thing and avoid the wrong. Because of the good of the student, it always involves a task or responsibility.

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@acandal20 Gracias por compartir :D, el estudio es una de las cosas mas bonitas, sobre todo cuando haces lo que te gusta y aprendes mas y mas cada dia, aprender y conocer nos hace una persona mas completa.

@acandal20 Thank you for sharing: D, study is one of the most beautiful things, especially when you do what you like and learn more and more each day, learning and knowing makes us a more complete person.


Your welcome bro