Springbokkie's Pick Of The Week - West Coast Fossil Park

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Springbokkie Pick of the Week


I have been looking through the Team South Africa feed this week, keeping an eye out for a post which highlights something great about South Africa, or an interesting place to visit. I was looking for something of substance; something that has taken some time and effort to produce, and is deserving of some extra attention and reward.

This week I have found an absolute cracker of a post!! This is a shining example of what great post should look like. Don't believe me, go and see for yourself!

This week the Springbokkie Pick of the Week goes to @capelight, for posting a fantastic article about his visit to

The West Coast Fossil Park.

@capelight has outdone himself in this post, with fascinating insights into the major upgrades which have been done at the park, and the exhibits currently under construction there. This post is well worth a read, so head over there and see for yourself, drop a comment and show some support to your fellow #teamsouthafrica member.

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Springbokkie Pick Of the Week Reward

The Springbokkie Pick of The Week aims to boost the reward for the author of the selected post, and so 50% of the SBD rewards generated from these "Pick Of The Week" posts will go to the Pick of The Week author. That means @capelight will be receiving 50% of the SBD reward for this post once it pays out. @capelight also receives a 100% upvote on the post from @springbokkie.

Don't forget to go over to @capelight's post about The West Coast Fossil Park, and show some #teamsouthafrica support! You may want to bookmark the West Coast Fossil Park for a visit next time your in the Western Cape.

Have a fantastic week, and I'll see you next time!!

Cheers for now!!


Special thanks to @ryivhnn for creating the #springbokkie images for me


Upvote and resteem.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Don't beleive me, go and see for youself!
It should be believe instead of beleive.

Awessssoommmmeeee and blarrie amazing, thanks a ton for the Prize for last week I really appreciate it ;) Cheer$;)

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