Springbokkie's Pick Of The Week - Chapman's Peak Drive


Springbokkie Pick of the Week

South Africa has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are so many places to see, and so many diverse landscapes and hidden treasures. I have been looking out for a #teamsouthafrica post which shows off some of South Africa's beauty, and this week I have found another gem.

This week the Springbokkie Pick of the Week goes to @simplylizelle, for her post about

Chapman's Peak Drive.

This is a story with some interesting facts about Chapman's Peak Drive and Noordhoek Beach, with some great photos of the beauty the area. Head over there and see for yourself, drop a comment and show some support to your fellow #teamsouthafrica member.

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That is where a lot of behind the scenes organisation happens. Meet-ups, general discussion and knowledge sharing all happens in a friendly environment on Discord. It's a great place to hang out and make new friends who may be just up the road from you!!

That's all from me for now. Have a great week, and keep posting great South African content, and building a stronger #teamsouthafrica community. I may even find your post, and choose it as the Springbokkie Pick of The Week!!

Cheers for now!!


Special thanks to @ryivhnn for creating the #springbokkie images for me


Thanks so much for the feature!

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Such a magnificent set of photos..beautiful colours in that seascape too! @springbokkie:)

Well deserved and nice pic, South Africa style.


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