Springbokkie's Pick Of The week - A Poem in a Restaurant

Springbokkie's Pick of the Week



I have been watching the Team South Africa feed, keeping an eye out for a post which catches my eye, and showcases a little piece of what makes South Africa great. There are a lot of great posts out there, and I love seeing posts which specifically showcase South Africa's diversity and beauty.

I am also looking for good quality posts which have a story to tell. Not just a picture with a few words. Take a few extra minutes to make your great photo into a great post. Tell us a story about the picture; the where, what, who, when and how.... Those extra words in your post will lead you to more followers and greater rewards in the long run. It is worth the effort!

This week the Springbokkie Pick of the Week goes to @joetunex, for his post:

We Love Our South Africa


@joetunex visited Port Elizabeth a short while ago, and found a fantastic poem about South Africa on the wall inside a Restuarant. Head over to his post and have a read. While you're there, why not show him some support and drop a comment or upvote, or both.

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That's all from me for now. Have a great week, and keep posting great South African content, and building a stronger #teamsouthafrica community.

Cheers for now!!


Special thanks to @ryivhnn for creating the #springbokkie images for me


This is great stuff for the South African community.

It Sure Is!!

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Great contribution.
Thanks for shear it.
Welcome to my blog.

Happy Steeming. :)

Great post and inspirational too! @springbokkie


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