Introducing @springbokkie - Your Team South Africa Support Bok, at your service!

Hello Team South Africa!! Allow me to introduce myself....

I am @springbokkie


I'm the native Antelope of South Africa, and the National Shooter!! You may have noticed me visting some of your posts with a little dropkick upbok from time to time over the past couple of months...

I'm here to support the Team South Africa (#teamsouthafrica) community. I will be upvoting posts created exclusively by active members of Team South Africa, giving them just a little boost, and an incentive to keep engaged, and to keep posting great content on the Steem blockchain.

My master, @bmj has set me up with some of his STEEM POWER to enable him to support the entire active Team South Africa Steem community without draining his own voting power, and to also be able to manually curate posts from all over the platform with the remainder of his SP. @bmj also looks after my cousin, @stsl (you may know him).

@stsl was supporting Team South Africa in his early days, but is now dedicated to supporting The Alliance (#thealliance) Community, of which some of you are members as well. @bmj was unable to structure @stsl to support both communities effectively, and so I have been created to continue where @stsl left off.

How do you get an upvote from me?

Right now, I am upvoting members of Team South Africa who are being followed by the team account @teamsouthafrica, and am upvoting one post per member per day, with a 22 hour timeout before being able to vote for the same account again.

I am all about community building, so to keep getting upvotes from me, you need to be an active member of Team South Africa, and be seen to be supporting your fellow community members' posts, either with upvotes, comments, or both. You don't have to be very active, just active enough to let people see you're a team player. If you go quiet, your name may drop off the list, but it's very easy to get back on... just plug in and engage with your community.

Why not also get to know you community members on a more social level, by joining the Team South Africa Discord Channel here. You will be able to find @bmj there too if you have any questions about me.

I am a support account only

What does that mean? Well, my primary purpose is to support the Team South Africa community exclusively, by upvoting members' posts, and helping you all to grow into a stronger team. I am not the main account from where all Team South Africa events are coordinated, and publicity occurs. That is @teamsouthafrica. I run with @teamsouthafrica, and provide additional support where I am needed. I may post something from time to time, and I may resteem posts which are #teamsouthafrica related, and/or are just great posts, and deserve greater exposure. Think of it as a toast to your good work!!


Help me help you, but only if you want to

As I said before, I am a support account, with my primary focus on rewarding active Team South Africa members with an added boost of upvotes on their posts. There is no voting tier structure for delegation, so you can't buy your way into getting a bigger upvote from me. Whatever SP and voting power I have gets passed on evenly throughout the commuity at the highest possibly vote strength I can handle, without draining my power.

If you would like to join in and delegate some SP to me, that would be awesome!! Any delegated SP will also get used to upvote posts within the Team South Africa community. There is no minimum, and there certainly is no maximum you can delegate. I am upvoting the community out of my own passion to help build Team South Africa, and ask for nothing back from you except that you engage with one another, and support each other to make Team South Africa the greatest team it can be! I also have a curation trail setup on You can follow my curation trail and support Team South Africa using your own Voting Power here.

So now you know who I am, and what I'm here to do. Keep building the Team South Africa community, and I will be here to support you every step of the way!


bmj-springbok-mascot-cropped-03.pngSpringbokkie graphics courtesy of @ryivhnn


thanks for the great service, received a few upvotes from you already.

Just my way of supporting the team 😀

Upvote and resteem.


If you ever find yourself grazing near the sweet grasses of Snor City (Pretoria), you should pop in and have a drink or two so that we can return the good karma ;-)

I may take you up on that offer one day!!

@springbokkie, let me be the first to welcome you to Steemit! Congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.02 vote! Would you be so kind as to follow me back in return?

Thank you @bmj for creating @springbokkie, he looks proudly South African and his character definitely South African! Will definitely in the future try to send a bit of SP.

Such a cool initiative and epic to see so many Saffas!

Awesome! Great initiative. You certainly have my support, @springbokkie!

Thanks @fionasfavourites. I'm looking forward to seeing #teamsouthafrica grow stronger as we support each other😀

Thank you @springbokkie!! I really do appreciate you support. Right from when i join @teamsouthafrica you have always be upvoting my posts. Together let's take the community to greater heights.

Thanks for your support @giftedwords. Unity is strength😀 When we work together anything is possible.

I agree with you. united we stand divide we fall.

Super awesome to have you here @springbokkie! Thank you for your support!


Hey @sweepea, glad to be here, and happy to be able to help the team grow in whatever way I can😀

Have been waiting in the wings for ages waiting for the first post @springbokkie my eye caught that name some time ago.

Thanks for everything you have been doing for the Team South Africa members, growing slowly but surely every day.

Haha!! I couldn't resist the name when I was looking for a way to support #teamsouthafrica😀😀

I've been flying under the radar for a while, making sure my engine is running smoothly, and getting the behind the scenes things in order.

Now we're all systems go to help the community in whatever way I can, starting with some small upboks😀

When you ready to rumble...
#teamsouthafrica Come Connect

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