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Hi everyone!! For the past two weeks I have scouring posts of my fellow Team South Africa members and have been upvoting any real great content I could find...

If you were lucky enough to have me pop by your post, you would have seen a comment that goes something like this:


Keep up all the great work my fellow Saffas 🇿🇦 and keep pumping out those amazing posts!!

I would like to thank my benefactors who have graciously delegated at least 100 SP to me which helps increase my voting power, and thus provides greater rewards to the community. My current benefactors are: @badastroza, @cheeto.blue, @manishmike10, @the-housewife and @therneau.

Due to their kindness, my benefactors are receiving upvotes on all their posts 😄👍🏻

There are two ways in which you can get upvotes from me:

  1. Write awesome, quality posts
  2. Some of my daily voting power will be reserved to upvote great content I find by my fellow Team South Africa members.
    To qualify for a chance of being rewarded with one of these upvotes, make sure you are an official Team South Africa member (by checking who @teamsouthafrica follows here) and make sure you are using teamsouthafrica as one of your tags - this will help me find your posts and potentially stand a chance of an upvote.

  3. Delegate SP to me
  4. By delegating at least 100 SP to me (of course more is welcome), you will automatically receive upvotes from me on all your posts (for as long as you are delegating).
    Delegation is open to all Steemit members - you do not have to be a Team South Africa member to become a delegator and thus receive upvotes from me.
    The more delegations I receive, the stronger my voting power will become and thus the bigger my rewards towards the community.
    To learn how to delegate SP to me, check out my post here.

Rules for voting

  1. My voting strength may be adjusted in order to keep my voting power at or above 80%.
  2. If a delegator abuses the system (eg. by posting excessive posts each day), I will reduce my voting strength on their posts.
  3. I reserve the right to adjust these rules as need be to help maintain a healthy bot that is fair to the community.

Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

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thanks for sharing keep it up

Thanks 👍🏻

Awesome.. been on Steemit for two weeks loving it, Greetings my Fellow South African's, nice to finally find mutual ground, not that it took that long. Cheers ;)

Ek is verbaas met al die Suid Afrikanes hier op Steemit lekker man !!!

Lekker man, lekker 😂

@mzansi got you a $7.76 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@mzansi got you a $7.76 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

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Team South Africa is now in the tags, it is great to pull together and meet, thanks @mzansi for your sharing and caring.

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I want to join team South Africa. Do you have a facebook account?

No Facebook account - Team South Africa is for Steemit...
I see you from Kenya? The Team South Africa community is for current South Africans or expats...

Upvoted and I'm in the process of accumulating more SP in order to join this venture


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@cheeto.blue - yes, please I am in - want to be a part of teamsouthafrica

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Using your tag , dunno if you;re finding them tho' cant delegate no SP ...

I see you following @teamsouthafrica - will arrange for @teamsouthafrica to follow you back - then you're an official member 😉

Hehe sounds good, Cheers ;)

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