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my addiction continues...



(from a Real Racing 3 fan website)

How many years have I been playing now? How many hours have I wasted? I actually do know but I am too embarrassed to tell.

As I have mentioned before it is a type of game on a cell phone categorised as "freemium". This means you can initially download the game for free but the upgrades will cost you either internet time of playing or paying with real cash. The blockage relates to gold coins; you can accumulated vast quantities of almost valueless R$ currency (I have about sixty- five million R$). But the key focus is acquiring gold coins. Coins can be earned by accumulating FAME and increasing your levels. Currently I am at level 345 and at this stage I can earn about 46 gold coins per level increase.

Where does the addiction lie? The answer is in the accumulation of cars; from simple cheap cars to the pinnacle of sports cars in the various famous manufacturers, like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and so on. At this stage there are about 230 cars you have the possibility of earning. You have to reach certain levels of completion in various series of races in order to buy these cars. When you drive a car, it incurs wear and tear from racing and accelerated damage from collisions or going off track. You then must repair the car at a certain cost but with a passage of time to repair.

How do the creators of the game (Fire Monkeys they call themselves, a bunch of very clever Aussies) generate this addiction? The answer, by creating "scarcity". The elements of scarcity are time and ultimately gold coins. Also design various skill levels of playing the game; from lots of assists to no assists. The "professional players" can play the game with great skill, a level of skill that I can only admire from a distance.

The sparing distribution of gold coins is vital to the interests of the game developers. You, the player, can earn a certain number of coins by watching adverts. You can also earn rewards by visiting the game on a regular basis. When you play the game a lot, you know that you can earn these gold coins in many ways.

So how do the Fire Monkeys create this desire to play the game incessantly?

Create competitions to "win" cars. But only give a the opportunity in a limited time scenario. I am currently trying to win a Mazda endurance car, the 787B. There are eight days to complete the quest. I got stuck on stage 5.1 for three days. My car was not sufficiently upgraded. I did an insane amount of racing to upgrade the car sufficiently to pass the test. On day eight I just managed to do so. I am now trying to complete the challenge's last few days on the final day.

What do I mean by upgrades? A car has various upgrade trees, for example there can be 30 developments in various trees, like the engine, drive train, body, tyres, exhaust and so on. The early stages are R$ and the later stages are gold coins.

So I have a knot in my stomach. Can you believe that? Obviously I have been playing the game for too long. Continual exposure to something creates validity or reality.

You would think I have become good at the game. Not even close.

You would think that I am one of the long players. Not even close. There is one fellow in Russia somewhere for example who has gone way past level 1 000. Some one asked him how many gold coins a person earns when increasing the level? I loved his response, I presume it was in jest, but who knows? He answered and said he didn't know as he only played the game when he was drunk!! I guess the Russian winters give a person a lot of indoor time to play this game.

Cheating? Yes there are those who cheat. Ultimately they only ruin it for themselves. When they are caught they are permanently banned.

Over the top? Yes I reckon all the serious players have gone way over the top. There is even a specialised website where the fans of the game can all log on to. There various methods of winning are recorded for those following in the footsteps of the experts.

You may remember my bragging when I won the Ferrarri Fxxk. Now that I have won it, one of the premier cars on the game, I hardly even play it. CRAZY, I am. Just shows where my focus really is, trying to get new cars.

(I still have a lot to do, can I do it???)

Anyway enough of this, I have a car to win...

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Gaming gives us a lot of pleasure and sometimes helps us to remove our aloneness. But playing for a long time harms our eyes. I think you should still play this amazing game.

Playing game is waste of time.. It become us addicted...

gameing is a main point of time pass and gots alots of pleasure.i am playing racing game most of the time.. but not everytime.i think that game excess playing obviously bad every person health..but i am install this game and playing your showing racing game..thanks to sharing for your great thought post of dear friend.. . @fred703

I also try to remake important things and sit down to play, it calms me and distracts me from problems. So play if you like. Thanks for the message

I am playing racing type game sometime...
But i am not addicted

I love to watch car racing game....
Its give us refreshment when we bore..

Any kind of addiction is bad for us...
But when we need some pleasure , gaming keeps us enjoyment.

i like the post .your post is so good.thanks for sharing.

Car racing is an wonderful game.
But anything extra is harmful for us..@fred703

fabulous one.
i liked

Gaming is nice but not for more time because excess of every thing is bad. But its very interesting and have pleasure.

Good and motivational post. Its nice and valuable blog.

very humuliated history . it is a lesson to learn from the is an informated post

Great motivational article sir @fred703. We always learn some new from your every post.


Hello friend how are you?
Nice to meet you again .Thanks for it. All the best.

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interesting post your knowledge :)
I'm impressed

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I like it very much.
Thanks for sharing sir @fred703.

wow....its great......i impressed to see your post......////

Amazing games is this.I wanna hear about this a lot of.

Haha still going at it bud! I'm sure you're doing without any drive assists now?


only if I have to. I am so lazy. I still see your times at the top. It is still hard for me to beat your times with no assists.


Wow seriously? Man I just wish I didn't get issues with the game....i would have been going for it a lot longer

Very wonderful game,I love the racing game,GTA is my favrite game,i have playing this game many times ago,I m daily plying this game,this game is main part of my life,New version of GTA game is so interesting and amazing,thanks for sharing.

Car racing is an wonderful game. I love watching car racing games. Thank you for the article.

space car:)

Really this is one of my favourite game