Its going to be a whole new world!

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Its been forever since I had the ability to sit down and compose a thought or two.

I believe my last post was just over a year old. My son is had his first birthday, in #Lockdown.
I hope the peeps here, will stay strong and healthy.

Despite being in these hard times I know that all here knows the one word - Persevere.
We know how to roll with the punches , we all trade Bitcoin - and with the rise and fall and all the waves that come with Crypto we still do it - We Persevere

I personally feel like my eyes are open to beauty and wonder every single day.
Being the mother of a 1 year old that has just begun to walk and loves to explore, he shows me that even though the world is in filled anguish and uncertainty - none of it matters .

As he started to take his first few steps and stumbling and falling, even though he cried and got hurt, he got up and took those steps. Bitcoin was Dying and crashing and all that jazz - but here are - Still trading.

I know you can do it. You can overcome. Don't give up.

Sending peace and love

Until Next Time...



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Hi Fates, Great to see you are well, tell me, I thought TeamSA was done and Dusted ?, is there still some action, there?

Hey Alan, I have no clue.
I think that @jaynie has tried reaching out to the TeamSA guys.
I think you should look into @steemsouthafrica

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