A Year On Steemit - Thank You

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What an Adventure it has been.
To speak of all the perspective, and person growth that has occurred during this time would make for days long worth of writing , of which I do not have the capacity for at this time.

At first, this platform was a place that I could write random things finding a means to exhale and express the thoughts that I often kept inside. I did this ,because I believed that no-one was really reading what I had to say and yet still relinquishing myself of the madness in my mind.

While doing so , people started reading and commenting on the thoughts that I had shared.
while not making megabucks on the platform (as it wasn't my intention) , I received valuable input and advise from complete strangers, that honestly had nothing to gain, but cared.

I felt a sense of community, and in some small way I was heard.
Of course I had to get out there and reciprocate this, spreading the proverbial love .

When I had not posted for a while, I was missed, and even though I do not base my worth on a digital platform , the fact that people reached out to check up on me, was indeed touching.

Getting advice on my life, from buying property, to making pizza, to my marriage this without agenda, or bias - There is so much to be grateful for.

I would like to thank #teamsouthafrica for truly feeling like the digital family everyone should have.
My local is truly Lekker.

There are a few others that have always looked out for me showing support that are not from the Discord group.
You know who you are. Thank you.

Im sure I could grow so much more on this platform, yet at this level , I am getting so much more value out of it than what the post reward will be.

There would be tons more to share and say, at this time I hope you get the gist of what I mean to convey.

Until Next Time...



It has been fun getting to know you in #teamsouthafrica your year had many up's and down's emotionally, expressing yourself in your content.

Hope the next year is more settled in life, both on and off line @fates

Thank you @joansteward , you have been so consistent in your support, and I am truly grateful for your guidance.

Always a pleasure sharing and reading, have a great week.

Congrats on the milestone. Even though i am new to teamsouthafrica i can really see what a great community it is.

Thanks you, and We are so happy you're part of the family.

Congratulations, @fates! My "birthday" is coming up soon, and I so share your sentiments about the platform and the community. I am so glad I joined #teamsouthafrica - I could not have got through the hacking saga with out their, and especially your help. Thanks so much and all the best for the next year in your @steemit journey. I look fowrard to being part of it!

I look forward to reading your post of your year!
I'm so happy that you understand the feeling of digital community.
Its so pleasant and in some way unexpected but completely amazing!

Thanks for popping in!

Congratulations again @fates. I so understand where you are coming from regarding the sense of community. I've met some awesome people here, yourself included :)

Thank you @jusipassetti, Im just so happy that your husband got you to join Steemit. Its hard to remember a time before you on it.

Thank you @fates and I'm so glad that he did. I can't remember the time before I was on here everyday myself. Truly addictive once you get going.

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