#MeatyMondays 11 Feb 2019 - Win UpVotes, @SteemBasicIncome & @IncinBoost shares

More & More MeatyMondays

First up some great news!: Jimmy's Sauces has agreed to another 3 months of sponsored MeatyMondays.

I'm thinking of changing the prizes up a bit, and there are SBI prizes in it for you if you go vote in the poll and let me know your thoughts: https://dpoll.xyz/detail/@braaiboy/your-favourite-contest-prizes-with-sbi-shares-for-answering/

Thanks Jimmy's Sauces for choosing to advertise on Steemit!

But Steemit doesn't have ads?

True! ... But I've been speaking to my "real-world" sponsors about Steemit almost since the day I joined here, and my good friend Jimmy from Jimmy's Sauces has finally agreed to give it a trial for 3 months. He's given me some good old South African Rands and 100% of it was converted into STEEM.

Some of it was used to buy SP delegations and some of it will be used to give away @IncinBoost & @SteemBasicIncome shares.

What are the prizes?

  1. ~50% - 100% UpVotes on all valid entries (and even a few random comments)... depending on number of entries and VP etc.
  2. The first 5 valid comments/entries automatically receive 1 x @IncinBoost share.
  3. 7 random entries will each receive 1 x @SteemBasicIncome share.
  4. At the close of the post (7 days from posting), 1 lucky South African entry will receive a Jimmy's Sauces hamper.
    (unless you're willing to pay the shipping costs from South Africa :P)

Last week's winners

1) @IncinBoost shares - for being the first 5 to share pics

@steemmillionaire, @sgbonus, @abitcoinskeptic, @fitinfunfood, @craigcryptoking

2) @SteemBasicIncome shares - randomly chosen entries

@joanstewart, @masoom, @craigcryptoking, @fitinfunfood, @abitcoinskeptic, @sgbonus, @steemmillionaire

3) Jimmy's Sauces Hamper

The winner of this week's Jimmy's Sauces hamper is.... drum roll..... ..... @lizelle

@lizelle: please reach out to me on Discord (@Braaiboy#4913) with your contact number & delivery address and that Jimmy's Sauces hamper will be one its way to you.

So... what was on @BraaiBoy's braai this past week?

I was invited to braai for the folks at Pringle's for a bit of a Friday staff party. Obviously I was going to do something 'Pringled' for them... but what?

I decided on a Pringles-Crumbed chicken fillet... but since chicken schnitzels aren't something I would typically braai, let alone make from scratch and then braai... I had to practice a few times... so I spent 3 or 4 days last week eating crumbed chicken burgers trying out different recipes/approaches.

Ah... what I wouldn't do for my job :-)

Now show me yours to win the prizes

Comment below with a picture of your recent braai and you stand a chance of winning those shares, hampers & the guaranteed upvotes.
That's it! Easy Peasy!

ReSteems are VERY MUCH appreciated, but not required... if we can show my sponsors some great mileage, then I will be able to convince Jimmy (and new sponsors) to get involved even more and offer even larger prizes. So please strongly consider a ReSteem to get the word about this weekly comp out to even more people.

All the UpVotes & @SteemBasicIncome / @IncinBoost shares in this post are sponsored by Jimmy's Sauces!

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Web: https://jimmysauces.co.za/

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Special seasoning salt peper crushed melange aromique automne

Oooh... now that sounds like a party. Thanks for sharing!

... and as one of the 1st 5 to share, you get an @incinboost share and also stand a chance to win 1 of 7 @SteemBasicIncome shares as well.

Oh my dear thats so sweet, earned with meat haha

Congratulations @braaiboy! This post was selected by the Power House Creatives as today's Rally Upvote Post :)

You can find the community announcement on Discord :) and it has also been shared on our FB Page and Twitter feed.


TOO much love... thanks @steemitbloggers xoxoxox

#PowerHouseCreatives FTW \m/

Here you are 😉 will pop over and vote 😁

Must have been a bit messy doing a schnitzel or anything crumbed on a braai. Let alone with chips (crisps). Mind you a schnitzel can be a waste of good meat. #justsaying.... And now she realises you weren't talking about schnitzel. Time for more coffee!!

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Yeah... a schnitzel is not the smartest thing to be putting on to a braai... but it was still fun though.

... unfortunately you missed being one of the 1st 5 and that @IncinBoost share... but you're still in the running for one of those 7 x @SteemBasicIncome shares.

Thanks for sharing! \m/

I am sure it was fun and I know you don't pass up a challenge. That was most definitely not my best braai photo. I am saving them... 😁🇿🇦

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Oh la la. Fiona ... you're killing me.

NSFB ... Not Suitable For Bachelors


The same two words, @quillfire:

Bucket list.

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One of the perks of living on a small holding.... a dam in the back yard so we braaied some Talapia that we caught at home :)20190209_184933.jpg

That is indeed a great perk!

... unfortunately you missed being one of the 1st 5 and that @IncinBoost share... but you're still in the running for one of those 7 x @SteemBasicIncome shares.

Thanks for sharing! \m/

Yeahhh thanks, damn this loadshedding, gonna tell Eskom they owe me some @incboost shares!!! hehehe


Paprika chicken legs!

ahhh... Paprika & Chicken... for sure a winning combo.

... unfortunately you missed being one of the 1st 5 and that @IncinBoost share... but you're still in the running for one of those 7 x @SteemBasicIncome shares.

Thanks for sharing! \m/

Some Starters
WhatsApp Image 2019-02-12 at 06.15.10.jpeg

and dessert
WhatsApp Image 2019-02-12 at 06.15.08.jpeg

Ah yes.... Yummy Marshmallows... BB Jnr loves them too! \m/

... unfortunately you missed being one of the 1st 5 and that @IncinBoost share... but you're still in the running for one of those 7 x @SteemBasicIncome shares.

Thanks for sharing! \m/

Here's is my Bangkok Thailand 3 am Braai while I wait in line :)

Braaiboy 3 am chicken man IMG_7383.JPG

Thank you so much for last week and go Jimmy's!

Resteeming and tweeting :)

P.S. Thanks so much for the support on twitter... I did notice it! xoxox

I'm always glad to support great food and I am so happy you have the sponsorship. Maybe some other people will get ideas :)

This is typical, I ate it last wednesday. My favorite part is the grill is tilted but the egg is surrounded by an onion so it cannot slide down. I will use this method to add egg and onion to the burgers or sandwiches without risking them becoming too high.

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Thanks for Sharing!

As one of the 1st 5 to share, you get an @incinboost share and also stand a chance to win 1 of 7 @SteemBasicIncome shares as well.

How about some venison? Fresh from the forest.

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Thanks for Sharing!

As one of the 1st 5 to share, you get an @incinboost share and also stand a chance to win 1 of 7 @SteemBasicIncome shares as well.

Thanks again, here's mY next entry. Got to have pork skewers

Yum... those skewers look tasty!
Thanks for sharing!

P.S. As one of the 1st 5 to share, you get an @incinboost share and also stand a chance to win 1 of 7 @SteemBasicIncome shares as well.

Here, something lite for the weekend:

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Thanks for sharing! \m/

some good looking pork, worthy of an upvote... but unfortunately electricity doesn't qualify as a "braai"... there must be an open fire (gas, charcoal or wood is cool).

Hope you fire up a braai before next Monday... remember to take some pics and share here again if (or shall I say, when) you do :-)

That looks delicious. Nothing but meat, the most pure form of braai.

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New or braii but I had pakore which I missed to take...would have love to have with sauces

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Don't think I have any pictures to share ... yikes
But hey, congratulations on the another 3 months with Jimmy's Sauces... How cool is that :)

TOOOO cool, right? Well.. if I get my way, there will be a few more joining him in sponsoring us... so please do come back every week and keep an eye out for when (not if) that happens :P

... oh yes, and if you do find some pics, you know where to share them for some rewards \m/

And I shall be back :)

I hadn't thought about grilling coated meat. We just got moved and now have access to our grill. I can't wait to see how we can join in on your Meaty Mondays!

ooohhhhhh... I like the sound of that... well... now you know where to share your braai pics for rewards when you do fire up that grill. Looking forward to seeing them \m/

Nice idea. I find buttermilk, egg or even mayo works very well to hold crusting to the meat when you use a basket, which it looks like you did. Looks yummy, I'm not a big pringle eater :D

Yeah... I coated in some flour, then egg and then the crumbed Pringles.

I used a "toeknyp rooster" (translated as a closable/"sandwichable" bbq grid) ... was scare if I used tongs, the tongs would brush off too many of the crumbs every time I turned the chicken.

Thanks for popping in... I like the buttermilk idea.

Wow that's a nice surprise to wake up to, thank you so much @braaiboy! Do you ever sleep?;);)
Your enthusiasm certainly is catchy!

Thank YOU for playing... with a bit of luck (and continued support from the community), the surprises could be getting bigger and bigger every month. #HoldThumbs

oh yes... re sleep: nah... "Sleep when you're dead" ;-)

WOOO! Hungry now!

hmmm... well, then it's mission accomplished I'd say :-)

Thanks for popping in!

Dang it! Hubby fired up our charcoal grill a couple weeks ago to make chicken/steak tips for our eldest's birthday dinner - did I think to take any pictures??? I swear, one of these times, I'll remember but in the meantime...


hahaha... well, the comp is hopefully going to become a weekly thing for the rest of the year... at some point you must remember :-)

Thanks for popping in!

It's been a long time I haven't taste meat in Venezuela so sorry I can't join but I even could sniff the smells of your delicious food here! AhAh👍🏻😁😋 good luck everyone!!🍀🍀🍀

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I'm so sorry to hear that :-(
Thanks for popping in anyway though! \m/

Not had a steak for years

Oh no... how so?

Too expensive

I need to burn some meat or go to my favorite BBQ joint. Excellent job on your post. 👏

Do it!!! ... and don't forget to share your pics over here when you do ;-)

Thanks for popping in.

True Story! Got anything tasty you can share with us?

Sadly not. I am not the cook in the household. Maybe better so :)

hahahaha... I don't/can't believe that... everyone knows how to char some flesh at least :P

Goodmorning I am ready for meattuesday 😉👍

hmmmm.... I'm sensing a trend here... maybe I can make it a daily thing?

Oh wait... I already do :P

And we love it, dont we @s3rg3 meatlovers have an egg

Very much think the taste for barbecue ,
In the past , I had often gotten eatd barbecue,
However, I now sick - stomach sick,
only to eat water Boiled meat.

oh no... I'm so sorry to hear that :-(

Barbecue is a delicious meal.
But can't eat too much/Exceed quantity,
And can't eat it for every day.
When you to eat Barbecue , you must eat vegetables too, have garlic is better.
Barbecue with smokeless charcoal, do not use wood.
Keep the barbecue from the flames, the higher the better.
If you can, the barbecue package foil pater is the best, you can stay away from harm.
The foil paper is divided into two sides, inside and outside.

Image quoted from
use tin foil paper better, do not use Aluminum foil paper.


Real World Sponsorship ... smart for you and smart for them.

The food pictures in these comments ... make me want to cry. Deliciousness defined. @fionasfavourites is a habitual troublemaker for us bachelors who are reduced to dining upon canned raviolis.

You know, maybe that ought to be your next post ... "Fancy Ass Meals For One."

Thanks Jimmy's Sauces for your sponsorship, your support of our blockchain is greatly appreciated. We will remember when in the supermarket.



When I was a spinster, I cooked for one. The Husband, in the seven years before "we" happened, cooked for one. Bachelorhood is no excuse.

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