Guess & Win with #MeatyMondays 08 April 2019 - SBI Shares, SteemMonsters & Upvotes

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Win with #MeatyMondays - 08 April 2019

Scroll on down if you've been here before

If this is the first time you're hearing of my MeatyMondays competition, here's a quick overview:
Every week I share a slightly/mostly obfuscated pic, and you need guess what it is.
The obvious hint: There's a 99% chance it will be something on the Braai, and more often than not something MEATY... it IS #MEATYMONDAYS after all :-)

Tag a mate who you think would enjoy the competition too, and the the first 2 people to do so automatically get an SBI share AND a @SteemMonsters Starter Pack.

Then I've got 2 more Steem Monster Starter packs and 7 more SBIs to randomly giveaway to correct guesses. (If nobody guesses correctly, then to 7 random entries).

All (South African) correct guesses for the month also go into a draw for a Jimmy's Sauces hamper.

All (valid) entries still get a 50-100% upvote (depending on my VP and # of entries at the time).

i.e. up for grabs is...

  1. ~50% - 100% UpVotes on all valid entries (and even a few random comments)... depending on number of entries and VP etc.
  2. 4 x @SteemMonsters Starter Packs
  3. 9 x @SteemBasicIncome shares
  4. At the end of the month, 1 lucky South African entry will receive a Jimmy's Sauces hamper.
    (unless you're willing to pay the shipping costs from South Africa :P)

THANK YOU Jimmy's Sauces & @SteemMonsters

Of course none of this would be possible without YOU being so enthusiastic in your support of the weekly contests, and then Jimmy's Sauces and @SteemMonsters for recognising that.

So Please go and give Jimmy a visit (off-chain) as well as show @SteemMonsters some love and support too.

But First... Last week's winners:

I asked you to guess what this pic was:

... the original pic was this one:

Some smoked chicken wings from our Jack & BBQ tasting evening at Taste of Tennessee... most of you had the right idea... high-5

1) 2 x SBI + SteemMonsters each (for being the 1st people to guess - regardless of being right or wrong)

The 2 people with the fastest fingers were: @blind-spot , @priyanarc ... neither quite 100% right, but still a win for being first.

Please reach out to me on discord for your SteemMonsters codes... your SBIs have already been sent ;-)

2) @SteemBasicIncome shares - randomly chosen entries

Congrats @erikaflynn , @steemmillionaire , @jacksartori , @koskl , @andrea97, @dronegraphica , @darthgexe, @lizelle , @fitinfunfood , @wolffeys, @chireerocks , @flamo, @vibesforlife , @libert

3) SteemMonsters Packs

Congrats @dreamer007 & @eii ... you've each scored a SteemMonsters Starter Pack... please reach out to me on discord @BraaiBoy#4913 so that I can send you the voucher code.

So... what was on @BraaiBoy's braai recently?

Think you know what this is? Let me know in the comments below, tag a buddy and you can get your grubby paws on those awesome prizes!

That's it! Easy Peasy!

Need a clue: There's a very good chance (but nothing in life is guaranteed) that I've shared the pic, or just from a different angle, on FB/twitter/IG already in the week that past.

ReSteems and tagging extra friends are VERY MUCH appreciated, but not required... if we can show my sponsors some great mileage, then I will be able to convince Jimmy (and new sponsors) to get involved even more and offer even larger prizes. So please strongly consider a ReSteem to get the word about this weekly comp out to even more people.

All the UpVotes & @SteemBasicIncome shares in this post are sponsored by Jimmy's Sauces!

Find Jimmy's Sauces on the Interwebs

UpVotes & ReSteems are held in high (e)steem :P

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I love braaing, Braai vleis, BraaiBoy, chicken on the braai (known in the real world as barbeque chicken) and leftover braaivleis. Resteemed. Twitter and FB Jimmy's Sauces #teamsouthafrica #braaiboy #steemmonsters #steambasicincome #contestkings #braailove13248864_685766758238654_135415262_n.jpg

oops.... braaibrootjkie and Gareth's prawns @BraaiBoy
Sorry don't know how to spell grilled cheese sandwich. #braaiboy

Grilled sandwiches with cheese and pepperoni!?

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Jeah dude! Thanks for the SBI share! Thats so nice... your pic... its maybe a cheese-pork-toast?! @adalger, what do you think?

But now that it's almost become a habit, here's another nice meat song for you :)

hahaha... loving the meat songs! \m/

I found another meat-video and I can´t wait until you next post :D

Meat is god!

Toast! @crypticat

WOW... I think you just set a new record for the fastest ever guess. \m/

Good timing. Also I am thinking about lunch. I hope there is ham and cheese on that toast.

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You'll have to wait a week or so for an answer :P

Grilled cheese sandwiches yum! @wonderwop

And EDIT: TY so much for the sbi - love it!!!

you're welcome... thanks for playing.

Looks like a grilled toast to me. Maybe there is some chesses and ham on it :D

Ag, ja! Braai broodtjies! Lekker.... @nateonsteemit this dude knows about cooking on fire...

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bred sandwich

Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway.. Thank you for SBI and SM code... Well, I think it's grilled toast sandwich with tomato/ketchup.. @flaxz what you think..

I think you might be right @priyanarc, but I do believe there is some ham in between too.

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Hmm I also think like that..

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... and thank you for playing @priyanarc
P.S. Remember to hit me up on discord so that I can send you the SM code

Thank you once again... :)

thank you!
grilled sandwiches i would say too; i can see a bit of ham sticking out from one.
have a good day

Thats grilled toast sandwich!

Thanks for the SBI and SM code. Much appreciated


@braaiboy, In my opinion it's reflecting as Grilled Sandwich. Keep up your Contest Economy.

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Grilled toast

Braai broodjies. Thanks for the starter pack😁

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You're welcome... and thanks for playing with!

grilled loaf bread, hehe


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Grilled ham and cheese sandwich!

@mrnightmare89 wanna join 😜

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I'm going to have to say grilled cheese with tomato and bacon. What do you think this is @clove71?

That looks like a good old Braai Broodjie!
I bet it has cheese and cheese on, probably something meaty... and knowing you, no tomato. Haha!

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Thank you very much for the SBI.. Much appreciated!

This week, it looks like grilled cheese sandwiches, in the true sense of the word grilled.. and is that salami peaking out there?! Looks delicious either way!

Thanks again, @braaiboy!!!

Braaibroodjies, spek en kaas (bacon and cheese) easy peasy Oh so tasty!

Grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and thinly sliced filet mignon. @wandrnrose7 what do you think these are?

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Grilled cheese with bacon and filet, I'm drooling. Just throw on some lettuce for me! @wonderwop

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Grilled Sandwich I guess

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Thank you @braaiboy.

Congratulations to the winners!

Toasted slices and there is certainly meat between them.

Grilled sandwiches .....

I will even take a guess at what kind and say they are ham and cheese grilled sandwiches.

Sandwich yummy

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Grilled sandwiches thanks for hosting this!

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Grilled salmon toasts!

Oh, thank you so much for the SBI.

In this picture, we can see some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.


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Jeah! Pretty cool the SBI share! Thanks again!

To your pic... its maybe cheese-pork-toast! But now that it's almost become a habit, here's another nice meat song for you :D

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