Fantasizing haircut day...

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Today was that day. I went to get a haircut. Spring came, so I thought I had to fit in. I went and created a new self.



Like most of you, I don't like going for a haircut. I would most like my hair never to grow and to always be beautiful and clean, but it is all-natural and our nature created it. I like my hairstyle which slowly tapers towards the middle, and goes to the top. My old haircut needs refreshing, the ends cracked so I went to my favorite hairdresser and let her do all the work.


Before each haircut, I always wash my hair with a beautiful shampoo that reminds me of spring. When she opens that shampoo, there is an explosion of smell, the whole shop smells and I feel like I am on a meadow full of flowers while birds are chirping around me.



After washing my hair and fantasizing, I sit down on a chair. He puts protection on me so that the hair she cuts off doesn't fall into my T-shirt. In my opinion, it is the worst feeling that accompanies me all day. There's no way I can get rid of him. Do you have a solution?



She takes a brush and starts combing my not-so-shiny hair, which later turned into the most playful thing in the world for me. Gently and carefully brushing my hair, I feel as if someone is caressing my head. I slowly close my eyes and return to my meadow, which is as beautiful and colorful as in my thoughts.


My fantasies stop and the haircut starts. That possibility of the worst feeling throws me from a beautiful meadow into a dark cave where my footsteps and bats that get entangled in my hair can be heard from the sounds. Brrr ... that horror can't stop.



Just a little more ... It's almost over. I see a light at the end of that cave. I can see my meadow again, which is more and more beautiful and fragrant every time. The cut hair is slowly slipping off the protection that covered me. I'm looking at the hair that used to be creepy and now it's past and I hope next time it won't be this scary :D



A tropical wind was blowing to play with my hair. The smell intensified, and the meadow became more and more colorful, and the birds more and more playful. Everything is so beautiful I want to stay here forever. Ah no, it's just the hairdresser drying my hair. What a pity. I want to go back there, I don’t want to be in this time where I can’t go to a coffee shop and take a walk on a beautiful day when I want to.



The end of my adventure has come, and I look like spring now, I bloom and smell, I feel amazing. I haven't seen my hair so beautiful in a long time, it looks just like the meadow that I created, and that exists only in my head. Too bad you can't come to this meadow with me, I'd like to take you on a tour and play with the birds together. Unfortunately, all of this is over and all of this is in my head. The craziest adventure is over.



With love, Sarah❤️


Cestitam ti na novoj frizuri, samo napred sa Steemovanjem.

Hvala na cestitkama i komentaru :D

Drago mi je da ima mladh ljudi iz Srbije, Zaista ti zelim puno lepih postova i veliki uspeh.

Hvala mnogo, i meni je drago kada vidim da ima ljudi iz Srbije na ovoj platformi :D

Odlicno, idemo dalje.

I love the story you told about what you were thinking in your head as you were getting your hair cut! It came out very nice. I'm glad your haircut adventure worked out so well! :)

Thanks for such a nice comment☺️