Street photo contest

in teamserbia •  8 months ago

This is my entry for a Teamserbia photo contest. This week's theme is street photography so I couldn't pass this opportunity to enter. Let me know which photo do you like the most. :)

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Love these!! You need to set up a site where people can buy prints! The light in the first one is just so amazing!


Thank you! I have that planned, but I wanted it just to showcase my work... not sure if I would sell the photos. :) I am getting more into fine art photography now, so I guess why not :D

Pretty cool photos @alcibiades! I like the 1st photo the best. It makes me want to go on an adventure with my camera. Was this photo taken in the morning or the evening light?

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These are excellent photos. Raindrops and reflections.


I'm glad you like them!

Uf, dobre fotke braćan! :)


Hvala! :)

Cool :)


Thanks! :)


druuga je meni strava skroz, to je onaj efekat kise koji je predivan. : )


Hvala! Da, u svakoj od kapi se vidi refleksija kisobrana. :) Mislim da je prednost kod ovakvih fotki kad se fokusira na staklo ili kisu a ne na subjekat iza.

I love the combination of the third Photo, good work. Would you share the secret of how to do that with me?
Thank you.


Third photo is not a combination - it was just a reflection in the window with some interesting things on both sides of it. :)


Hi, am new and still learning how to use this platform.

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Hola, bello no se de fotografías, pero estoy segura de que no me gustaron mucho

i leave message for the photo,
i have feelings with that photo.

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