I have givin both my grow tents away to a veteran

in teampdx •  10 months ago

I gave both tents to @alchemage.
All i ask of him is to do a few things share,repost,resteem my wife gofundme link & to just plain pay it forward..

Remember to always pay it forward
Its not a hand out
Its a hand up

A Simple Act In Caring.
Creates An Endless Ripple.

Jah Bless
Remember the poor

Stay blessed Stay lifted
In the end stay real

My poor wife has been dealing with severe cramps & the thing is all these so called DOCTORS would just tell her shes very bless after only taking a few blood test & a pee test. Their would be times where my wife would go 3 to 4 months without her monthly. But when she got it i knew to get ready to help her as best as i could.
Well here we are now 5 years of dealing with this and being told shes "BLESSED & SHOULD FEEL BLESSED" i finally went off on one female doctor and asked her "how in the hell is that BLESSED"! Please tell HOW!! Me as a man knows damn good and well thats NOT BLESSED. Theres something more wrong. Well now after dealing with this for 5 years my wife Viktoria will need to have a full Hysterectomy. Now if All of them damn doctors would of done their job and asked for more test. Viktoria wouldn't be this bad But nooooo
An as a man im not sure what to do but be here & support her to the best of my ability. Shes the love of my life and a great mother. We have no family nor close friends so that makes it even harder on us.
I know this is a long shot posting on here. This will be very rough for all of us but more my wife. All were askin is to just please share our Gofundme link to help us with getting the word out there. This will help us with some of the burdens thats to come with bills,medications & transportation.
We are very low income and do what we can to get by. Thank you to those whom share or even make a small contribution. Every little bit helps.




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