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O M G!!! This is so awesome!

What a great collaborative artwork and I am so happy that you entered it into our little contest so I can shower you with money and praises! Mwahahaha!

Congratulations both of you for winning the first prize. The work and creativity that both of you put into this art certainly went above and beyond my expectation. The animation is truly gothic and spooky, and I am so in love that both of you put your original character into the drawing, truly representing the idea of creating and engagement together. I luuuuvvv it <3.

Ahhh thank you so much scrawly!!! This art wouldn't have been this awesome without Maya~

Thank you and spidey for holding this contest and giving us the opportunity to make these kinds of things! Keep up the great work both of you~

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Hey, thilah. You and @maya525 did a great job with this. The step by step was great, especially with the line art and coloring. The gif, though, that was the icing, especially with that last frame close up and coming from the side.

Well done. :)

Ayeee thanks ^^ I'm glad my effort for the gif is worth something

Hey, @maya525. Definitely worth something. It adds another level of spookiness to what you both already had going on. :)

Thank you so much! I really loved what Maya did with the GIF it's very spooky

You two are really good together! Spooky stuff, indeed! All of it came together perfectly!

Yesh! Thank you~!!!

Ahhhh those twins freaked me out for years!!! Nice job @thilah :)

Ahh they're not actually twins they're just parodying that twin scene! And thank you! Can't take all the credit though, Maya did an amazing job for this too

Thanks thilahh, >~< you too :))

Aaaaaaa its so fun to work with you!! I had fun animating the glitchy part ;3; heueheh i love how you color itt ❤❤❤😫😫 thanks for being patient againn

You did an amazing job with the glitchy part!!!👏👏👏 And thank you😊❤❤❤ It's not problem thanks for being patient with me too~

OMG :))) its so amazing :))) greatttttt

Thank you! It wouldn't be able to be this amazing without Maya's help

Awesome collab! Yeh that twins scene in The Shining was rather unsettling, think you managed to capture a similar vibe even with your cutesy style XD LoL that gif is so wonderfully horror movie creepy. Good job both of you :)

Thanks ryii!!

Thank you Reeree!

Hi thilah!

I am (currently @quekery) a curator for AkibaSteem and this is just to let you know that I upvoted your post:

We're an anime-focused community full of fans and good people! We aim to find good anime & manga content, share a happy moment & give some visibility. You got our vote and your post may get featured in our compilation post, if you don't want to be featured please let us know. Keep up the great work!

Also, feel free to join our community on Discord!

You two are just made out of amazing <3 I love both of your talents and creativity and I love the friendship between the both of you very much like omg, how cool can a team be !!????

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Ahhh thank you so much spidey!!!!!

Amazing work, as always. You two keep surprising us. That gif is definitely spooky. Wowzers!!! :-O

Thank you!!! Maya did an amazing job with the GIF hopefully it didn't give someone too bad of nightmares from seeing it though