Teamnepal back after 2 years!

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We promised and we are fulfilling!

We promised to get back to steem when we near another bull market and there actually are steemians who need help. We are now in a brink of next big bull market which will increase user base of steem thus will increase steemians from Nepal who needs help!

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Why we stopped 2 years back?

Simple, most newbies just followed the price and left the platform and we were offering help which no one was there to take. We knew during the bear market we won't see many joining the platform.

After long 2 years, our about is changed from "Will be back when bull market comes and there will be users again." to "Biggest community of steemians in Nepal". I used this account to post few of my self content but now we are back with old team.

We are better!

We used this bear market to patiently learn about blockchain, make few connections and we were active in facebook group. One of our biggest achievement is we found @steem-supporter, their team member were born in Nepal but migrated to India when they were young. Now they are willing to help Nepali community here in steem and we are excited for that!


Full scale bull market has not yet kicked in but we think this is the best time to start preparation for crowd to come. We will start doing few contents, provide education about steem blockchain and make a community, a strong community!

Next post will be more detailed plan about how are we going to go forward, income generation and distribution to community!


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