I am my body's best friend

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I struggled to accept my appearance. During primary school boys made fun of me because I am too FAT among the others. They call me names like fat kid, giant, sumo and such. They made fun of my chubby face, slow running pace and my whole appearance because I don't have full figure.

People like them force us to learn to hate our bodies. Now that I think about it, it is easy to unlearn it. I no longer care when people commented on how big or fat I am.

I am my body's best friend. I say to my body every day that 'you are sexy, beautiful'. It is what God has given to me, and perfectly designed for myself. I don't wish prettier or fairer. I don't wish to be skinny or slim leg. I no longer care to please any man in the way they fantasied.

Who cares if I have big arm, thick thighs? Do you know what these arms and legs can do?

Guess what, I was in a third place for district archery championship, once won in a javelin throw, discus throw, shot puts for 2 consecutive years.

I believe, when we care less what other people think about our body and how they should look like, it will give something good back to you. Be grateful for the body you have. Embrace YOU, so you can continue not giving a fu*k to those who make fun the way you look.

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