Fruitfull Day with The Government

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Today is one of those days we can say YES and proudly to be in a New Malaysia. Due to the conservative manner dealing with Crypto Currency in Malaysia, it has been a sensitive issue to talk about it with the Government. Today is the day we break that Wall. We broke the Chain !!! Lol... I proudly say that the pitch by @bitrocker2020 and @danieldoughty was just perfectly executed, well presented, spot on points and answering the question diligently. I salute lahhh ... Cheers to You Both... as for me, I was just the driver, photographer and orang kampung. Lol.


The moment when Datuk Bruno Vun says agree and support our Steem Events and Programs, it was pretty awesome feeling. It is because of the community, the people that we care, people and human empowerment. With Steemit, we have seen it, and proven it, why don't we reach out ??? and that's what the driving factors for us. If we can help jobless to use brain power to help them self-sustain, why not so ?? or even just for the side!!!

Picture Courtesy from @bitrocker2020

The Ministry of Education and Innovation has agreed to help out with the September event in KK. They also gonna support all Steem initiatives from now on, giving free usage space in all coming Sabah events and functions. Let's hope for a bright future for all of us.


I bump into my looong lost friend when I was younger and single. Not sure why my hand was holding her shoulder, and my other hand holding her name tag!!! LOL.... LOL... I just had to share this ... Good Friends. Now I have a link inside the Ministry of Education and Innovation. 😣

Keep Rocking Keep Steeming!!!
See you in my next post.

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