A need or A Must ???

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Yesterday my partner and i were discussing whether or not to invest and buy these dinfectant and sprayer machine, to disinfect the office, vehicles, stor, machinery and etc.

It is a new norm, new business adoption to take care of the staff and office from covid19. Thou its not a big lump sum of money to buy, but its still a cost to fork out.

During this super hard time for us, we tend to save as much as we can. However for this case, we have no choice.

Life is more priceless, for our family, loved ones and also friends around us.

Dammm I really hope we can find the vaccines as soon as possible, so that we can move forward to our life.



Total Damage for the above : Rm420.00

The disinfectant liquid is high grade concentrated type, where we need to mix with water rationing of 1-3.


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