Celebrating "Valley" Moments

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Today I learned something very profound from one of our pastors, Peter Mattis through his “Lifestyle of Prophetic Worship” class. He said that sometimes we live from “mountain top” to “mountain top” experiences, every time we lead worship on stage. Mountain tops make great photos, our Instagram feeds are awesome because of them. But we don’t live up there. We can’t survive up there. Anyone who hikes knows that once the sun goes down so does the temperature, and it is impossible to stay in conditions where temperatures drops to the negatives. You cannot live up there, you just can’t. Life is lived in the valley but somehow we just glorify the “mountain top” and not the “valley”. So worship off stage, behind the scenes, in our tiny closets or bedrooms are equally or even more important then when we’re on stage. It’s through the ebb and flow of our daily “in’s and out’s” that really matters. The conscious choice of worshiping God with everything when no ones looking. This was so profound for me, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. How God works upside down or how the Kingdom totally defies our worldly standards. So as I take more moments, days or even weeks or a whole lifetime to fully grasp my Father’s perspective of success and life in the Kingdom, here are some pretty cool pictures of a “mountain top” moment I had with my housemate. Bearing in mind that it was cool to be up there for a while, but then it slowly became too “cool” for us to even stay too long. Get the pun? Oh, help me God! Hahahaha!

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