🎉 Happy Independence Day Malaysia! I got something special for you!

in teammalaysia •  5 months ago

I have prepared Malaysian style ginger-chilli crab to celebrate with you! I hope you will like this recipe!

Let me know in comments whether I passed the test from Malaysian cuisine? 😉

In case of technical problems, watch here:

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No nieźle, jak patrzyliśmy jak pieczesz na patelni to u nas pachniało;-). Nie wiem jak to robisz, ale niezła magia.


Dzięki! Trochę się już po tych garach obijam, może awansowałem w końcu na level który daje takie moce. 😉

Happy Independence day Malaysia.Love and Respect from India.

Nice ;-) i want to ask if you will be at steemfest3 in krakow?


Thank you bro! 👊
I am currently on the move and I doubt that I will be able to return to the country in November. I regret a bit, because a great event is coming. And do you plan to come to Krakow?


Would be great. :-) have to see if it works with the money.... perhas i win somewhere a ticket 😀

I love crabs!! You made me hungry!! Drooling 🤤🤤


Hehehe, this was my first adventure with crabs and I am glad that it worked on you so well! 😉
Let me know if you make them according to this recipe! In my opinion, it's worth it because it's simple and the crabs are amazing! 👌

greeting @the.foodini how are you today. seems you really did the great moment today surprise me a lot of efforts you did ..how i wish i can be like you thank you and god bless