Wi-Fi Woes

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If you were wondering where I have been for the past few days, I am not dead. My Wi-Fi died out and thus, I couldn’t post anything up due to my crap data plan.

It is a funny story as to what caused the Wi-Fi outage. It was sudden and unexpected. Even if I should have expected it to happen eventually. The thing is… the house I am in is terribly old. My grandparents have been in this house for a good 40+ years and the infrastructure is still mostly the same despite frequent extensive renovations. This means that the telephone lines (a significant part to the DSL system that my home uses) are also outdated. Because of this, it was bound to eventually give way.

So, what happened two days ago was the wire short-circuited. We didn’t know what went wrong at first. We started with our internet service provider. They proved no help as they blamed the contractor. The contractor refused to accept the blame but offered to reimburse his fees (which I believe is an admission of guilt but could be interpreted as a nice gesture). He told us to contact the key phone guy. He wasn’t available so he recommended another Wi-Fi guy. Thankfully, this fourth guy was the last person in the chain and he actually managed to help us out by identifying the problem and making a quick fix. He replaced one of the external wires and it got the Wi-Fi working again.

However, he mentioned that it was only a temporary fix as the wires that actually need the fixing are embedded in the wall and to get that done would involve extensive works. Right now, the fix is like a band-aid on the Hoover Dam. It may work for a bit but it won’t last. The guy was pretty nice as he let me know that our area may soon be eligible for fibre optics. Integrating fibre optics into our home would take the same amount of work with a better pay-off, faster internet. Thus, I opted to wait for the fibre optics to enter my housing area while praying that my current wires don’t give out till then.

In the meantime, I managed to get around to having some time for myself! I managed to finally finish Mafia 3 (So, expect a review soon!) and I even got to go for a swim! Taking a break once in a while is good to reduce burnout. It is just a shame I couldn’t keep my Steemit streak!

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Wikipedia - Wifi Alliance


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Life without internet is a drag.. I've been there before...

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