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Whether we are aware or not in our daily lives, we always do things safely. Safety first starts from home, outdoors, on the road and at work. Home security is like making sure there is no cooking gas leak in the kitchen, locking the door of the house, preventing small children playing in the bathroom unattended and more..


4 Safety Steps At Home

What is the difference between Safety and security?

The Malay language can not distinguish the words Safety and Security. Both are referred to as safety.

I would like to comment only on Safety at Home.

  1. Provide Home Emergency Equipment.

i. Fire extinguisher


Emergency equipment is essential in every home to avoid accidents or calamities. Among the essential emergency items in each home are as below:

Fire extinguisher is very important and must be in every home to control the fire early. Many large fire cases in homes occur due to small fires that are not controlled and thus causing the fire to become large.

-The most appropriate type of fire extinguisher at home is the type of Dry Powder ABC. This is because dry powder is universal and capable of removing various types of fire if it is compared to other types such as CO2 that can not fight fire from oil.

The most suitable location to place fire extinguishers is at the location of which is at least risk for fires eg living room or bedroom. If placed in the kitchen, the fire is in the kitchen, then the fire extinguisher can not be used again and 'useless'.

ii. Smoke Detector.


It is important to track fire and fire early in order to alert the occupants.

For domestic use, the most suitable type is a portable fire detection device that only uses batteries without any wiring. Just plug in the house ceiling only.

-The installation of this tool is suitable for use in high-risk hang-up areas where there is a heat source or fire as in the kitchen and dressing room.

  • Fire detectors are divided into two types: Smoke detectors and heat detectors.

-Smoke detector is not suitable to be placed in the kitchen because the appliance will be activated every time cooking. Instead the heat detector is more suitable in the kitchen while the smoke detector is more suitable to be placed in the living room or bedroom.

iii. First aid box

It is important that when an injury occurs to a householder, rapid emergency treatment is very important to prevent injury becoming more serious.
which is complete can save lives if the occupants know it to use it in an emergency situation.

  • So training is very important too!
    The most suitable location for hanging the First Aid Box is in the living room where it is easy to see the occupants. But it should be suspended higher to prevent children from reaching.

iv. Emergency Light


In the event of a disaster such as earthquakes, floods, fires and so on, electricity supply is potentially disconnected or deliberately decided for security purposes.

-If there is no electricity supply or 'black-out' at night, the house will become dark and residents in the house can not clearly see the door or the way to get out of the house to a safe place.

-With this emergency light, the home will be illuminated with lights just as black-out.

  • The ideal location for emergency light installation is adjacent to the exit of the house and a large room like a living room.

Next Steps... to be continued....@rombituon

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