The passing of my father - a tribute video

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It has been 4 years today, on the 1st of February 2016 that my father has passed away. There is not a single day passed since that I did not think of him.

All the sweet memories.

All the lesson taught.

Will last me until the day I die.

1 month after his passing, I made this short video dedicated towards him.

Made entirely on Iphone, the location is in Banting, Selangor where he was born...and buried. The early sunrise helped me a lot in getting nice lighthingsfor the mood. The palm trees around the cemeteries also helped.

May you rest in peace, Abah. You shall never be forgotten. Al-Fatihah

Soundtrack from Hellboy - Father’s Funeral

Thank you for dropping by


Should have put creativecoin too because this is your own tribute.

In memory for your father.
He lives in your forever (literally because you carry part of his gene too)

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