Star Wars - Rise of the Skywalker Final Trailer! My reaction and prediction.

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Its out!

The start of the trailer really takes me into it. The drop of the training helmet sync with the start of the music and the beats matched the running Rey sequence. I like!

The voice markers plays a big role in hinting where the movie will take us.

  • "its an instinct" - Anakin?

  • "feeling...the force brought us together" - Anakin??

  • "we are not alone. People will fight if we lead them" - Lando

  • "People keep telling me they know me. No one does" - Rey

  • "But I do" - Kylo Ren

  • "Long have I waited. And now your coming together is your undoing" - Palpatine

  • "Confronting fear is a destiny of a Jedi" - Luke

  • "Your destiny (long pause) the force will be with you, always" - Luke

My guess

From here and from the already popular plot leak, I can basically predict how the story is going to be.

Rey trains by Leia and Leia dies. The journey then takes her and the rest of the crew to the wreakage of the first Death Star to find a wayfinder that will finally take them to meet Palpatine. Palpatine have gathered a huge fleet of Star Destroyers and Lando trying to gather up forces from the Rebellion and others from other planets to fight back.

Reylo (Rey + Kylo) is happening?

Kylo tries to take Rey to the dark side following the order of Palpatine. But in one of the scene we see Kylo and Rey destroying the mount where Kylo keep the old helmet of Darth Vader, signalling maybe both of them have joined forces to go against Palpatine.
Is it really Palpatine sitting on the throne?

And there is no Kylo here. I suspect he is going to perish after the join with Rey so that will give her more reason to go against Palpatine

Rey of course will make it through. A very well made trailer i must say. It gives me the goosebump. Despite the negative outlook of it from the fans, I am going to watch this one. By the look of it, JJ Abrahams have succeeded in bringing back the true vibes of Star Wars from the 'yomama jokes' realm of Rian Johnson.

And Rose Tico is back!

Rey is going to set the stage for the next trilogy. Jedi's are going to be known as Skywalkers. No longer a Mary Sue

A new trilogy with no more Chewie and Jedis. A new beginning because..


Thanks for dropping by!

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