Noob Film Review - M E S S I A H (Netflix)

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In the current world setting, a mysterious figure appeared performing biblical miracles, triggering the minds of believers (and non-believers) worldwide.

Faith (or the absence of it) is being put to the test. It is the prophecy of the end-times messiah unfolding infront of their eyes, globally, with the advance in media.

Characters like a daughter, a government intelligence officer, a refugee, an extremist and even the President of the United States is being put into a dilemma. They question their faiths after their personal encounter with the messiah.


The mysterious figure is being called Al-Masih (Messiah). He didn’t asked to be called that. Nor that he declared himself to be the people’s saviour.

Judgements are being made by the people when God supposed to be the judge. The final shot of the final episode, Al-Masih almost looking at the viewer, akin looking at a mirror saying,

“For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again” Matthew 7:2


That is probably the main message of this series, something that no review touches. (Most of them judge the existance of the series instead). And the change that one seek will not be done by any saviour from God, it is done within you, by yourself.

You (we) are your (our) own saviour.

This is indeed the current world we are in today. Does not take a Messiah to decend from God for us to judge each other.

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