My biggest SP gain this month!

in #teammalaysia6 months ago

After around 1 and a half year...

Around a month ago I got an upvote from @blocktrades and it was the biggest I've ever gotten since joining Steem. I got it from my post about the Malaysian film 'Shadowplay'.


One day I was checking out steem through my handphone and saw 27 SP upvoted on that review! Upon some guide by @littlenewthings and @bitrocker2020 from @teammalaysia on tags, I learnt that I should use #aaa and #realityhubs formy movie review and so far it is working great!. Not much to really boast but my SP goes up a month ago from just 380 SP to today 540 SP! You can tell from the graph I got from

Hopefully I will got more of this kinna episode of whales upvotes soon! Until then I will keep on posting content daily and and of course, upkeep the quality of the posting. Been writing more movie reviews more than ever now. Hope I will get more audience to share my take about them movies!

Thank you for dropping by!


Make sure you keep writing really good movie reviews.
Don't copy and paste but with your own intake and you will be in good hands 😊

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