Steemvoter, the easiest way to self vote and vote others with timing set

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After the development of HardFork20, every steemians sure know that the voting that below 15 minutes on the post will lead the curation reward goes to reward pool. So that every post that we upvote must be on 15 or after 15 minutes. But due to some busy schedule I will always hard to read all post and monitor the post timing( I believe all steemians will feel the same way). So @bboyady introduce me to use steemvoter that created by @steemvoter and @buildteam. After using it, I do really impress with the design and it is easy to use for newbie like me to give upvote after 15 minutes to all author that I want to give.

So now lets go to see how to use steemvoter step by step

1. go to This is the how the main page looks like

2. Click Login on the up right and a window will pop up for you to key in your email

3. After key in your email, you will be notified to check your email for magic link

4. Then head to your email and you will receive this, click to the link and it will lead back you to steemvoter

5. If you are first time login here, you need to setup your account. Then you need to click add steem account to activate it, it will lead you to steemconnet.

6. As usual, you need to login using your steemit ID and also active key.

7. After that you need to click continue authorize your posting role to @steemvoter to allow the platform to vote for you. After that you need to enter again your id and active key

8. After done, this what will looks like for your view. After that you can go to manage streams.

9. This what will looks like after you are entering the streams management page. By clicking create stream, you are ready to set how you want to vote your post and other steemians post

10. First, you will see this page after clicking create stream. Then you need to key in target account that you want to vote, then the voting power that you want to give, voting delay(ideal is 15 minutes), streams keep active. Lastly just click save streams

11. Then your streams is ready. You can repeat this steps by choosing other account that you want to auto upvote.

Besides that, you also can follow guild or what we called trail upvote. So that when the account that you follow upvote a post, you also will follow to upvote. For now, I only will follow @steemxp guild since my sp still very low.

1. First, search in your web browser which guild that you want to follow, for me, I will key in like this

2. Next, just click Follow Guild then it will lead you to a window for you to choose account, then click next step

3. Then, you need to choose your voting power, then click next step

4. Then you can choose how long the time you need to delay, as usual now is 15 minutes, then click next step

5. The last confirmation appear, just click follow guild

6. Now I am in the guild

Thank you for reading my post and hope you can learn and use it too.

Cheers and Steem on

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@lizachong, I gave you a vote!
If you follow me, I will also follow you in return!

I think SteemVoter's UI seemed to have improved quite a fair bit since I visited. I am currently using SteemAuto for my auto votes. You might want to check it out too. And I will also want to check out SteemVoter once more :)

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Thank you for your suggestions. Will surely visit steemauto

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Thank you for your suggestions. Will surely visit steemauto

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