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Woke-up by an urgent-call this morning from my buddy...He was waiting for me outside my house. Without further warning, he pulled me into his car, and drove toward TM POINT nearby.

Ohh....he meant no harm, just for the newly launched TM [email protected] giving away FREE OF CHARGE, since yesterday.

Before we move on to the *how-to get the free sim cards (mobile starter-kit), let's take a look at what needed to be done prior to registration:-

  1. Download the TM's App – mobile @ unifi
  2. Register for your FREE sim card online using *mobile @ unifi
  3. Once registered online, bring along your ID and pick up from the nearest TM Point (select during online registration)


Photo taken using iphone 4s

How-to Register Online:-

I'd made a simple vidoe for your quick reference:



You may dowload the App from iOS App Store or Android Google Play:
Source: Snapshot from computer

Flip through the very first 4 (not so useful) pages...

Until you saw...”I WANT TO GET A SIM!” or “GO TO MY ACCOUNT” – Just click on “I WANT TO GET A SIM!”
Source: Snapshot from smartphone

Afterward, you'll come across the *Term and condition page, just agree on the page and move on to “I WANT TO START NOW”

You will then enter “About me” – Key in your ID number and full name, then click “NEXT”
Source: Snapshot from smartphone
A “Verifying my email” popped up – Key in your valid email address
Source: Snapshot from smartphone

You will then need to open up new tab to check out for if there is any new message from TM unifi team – Title : One more step to kick start with unifi mobile
VERIFICATION CODE.pngSource: Snapshot from computer

The 6-digits code from email should then be copied and pasted on the App mentioned above.
Source: Snapshot from smartphone

This time, you will notice second “About me” popped up, you are required to key in your contact number as well as residential and correspondence address(es).
Source: Snapshot from smartphone

Next up, choose between 1 ~ 5 sim card(s)
Source: Snapshot from smartphone

Once completed, you may then click on those sim card(s) you've decided to own, with NEW or retain the OLD number.
Source: Snapshot from smartphone

You have come to the FINAL step – Select nearest TM Point for sim card(s) pick up, then DONE!

P/S: It has been announced that not more than a million sim cards will be given away (before end of Mar 2018).
I have decided to register for most needed -- one for my mom, and one for my in law.

For more detail, please check from official website of TM mobile @ unifi.

Thanks for reading. (^_^)

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