2019.4.27 - Productive Saturday // Property Learning Day

Hello, Steemians! How's your weekend?

I really love my weekend because the weekend is my own personal time and I can do and learn all the things I want including gathering thoughts by blogging.

My day started off by waking up early and attended a property exposure workshop by one of the Malaysia property experts. It was useful and beneficial. The sharing is data-driven and no hide and seek. Another thing to expect is the upselling session as usual, the course is to learn the effective way of earning a living through property with minimal capital that builds you a decent profile which enough for a self-sustained life in your future.

So yea, it was a very enjoyable learning session with the speaker. He is a humorous, smart and big dreamer. He is going to reach his 100 properties at the end of the year. He has 23 properties at the age of 30. And he only bought a car after he bought a few of his properties. (you must understand the mentality behind this)

The reason that he wanted to invest in property because it does not take a lot of time like investing in stock and other financial products. It is less risky too as long as he is buying the right location with median price, he will earn the money. So the thing he needs to do is to buy and pay the interest until the completion date, then he will find tenants to pay for his unit without using his any cent.

He shared that buy a new property if the price difference is less than 30% of the subsale property. Of course, we need a huge database to make a right decision. Also, group buying will get a cheaper price compared to solo buyer. Therefore, he always gets a cheaper price compared to market price.

He shared his experiences on how he gets involved in this property line which was about the 4 inspired people in his life: his lecturer, his parents, his ex-boss and his colleague. From the real-life experiences, we all agree that life is unfair, life is full of uncertainties and misfortune does not come singly. Therefore, we need a backup plan. If you do not have any, you will be like the meat on the chopboard who cannot decide your own life. You are vulnerable.

It was really a good learning platform for me. Truly enjoy it~

Breakfast and lunch were prepared.

We are all life-long learner. :)

May God continue to bless all of us. :)

Thanks for reading! <3 :)


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Glad to hear your workshop day was enjoyable. Nice they had a lunch there. Thanks for sharing @fruitexplorer.

Thank you. Yes they prepared lunch for us which we didn't expect. 😇

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