When in a Fix, select Third Choice

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We generally do not like to be forced into a bipolar choice (e.g. ‘YES” or “NO” / “Buy” or “Rent”). Third Choice is kind of a compromise or escape from such difficult situation, yet it could be a break-through at the same time. That is the beauty and power of Third Choice. In many situations and environments, the Third Choice could be a disruptive innovation.

To achieve this effect, a carefully considered Third Choice should have three constituents as outlined below:
(1) Sharing Economy (the Commons)
(2) LEAN Logic
(3) Ethical Design
This Trinity of Third Choice encourages the formation of the Commons (a resource plus a defined community and the protocols, values and norms devised by the community to manage its resources) through the Sharing Economy.

The LEAN Logic principle ensures the sustainability, resilience, and efficiency / effectiveness (minimal costs, smallest scale possible with maximum participation and benefits), very much in line with “small is beautiful”.

On the other hand, in Ethical Design (from Systems Thinking to Systems Feeling to Systems Being to Systems Living), value is no longer compressed into “price”. Ethics are now taken into equal consideration, because they are needed to sustain community, which is the emerging root of “value”, in the sphere of Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play.

With these three elements working together, the end result is very much in line with being decentralized, localized, human scale and “small is beautiful” (or being LEAN), environmental friendly and sustainable ... fully in sync with the practice of the Commons. Ultimately, it is the pleasant and delightful experience (or “Play”) generated by such ecosystem that is most valued and appreciated.

This kind of Third Choice offers a break-through in a bipolar world, leading to a happy, peaceful and prosperous world that we all desire and deserve.

Of course, you can always create your own Third Choice, using different criteria / logic, especially in a fast-changing and challenging world / ecosystem..

What is your Third Choice?!

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The world is not uni, di or tripolar. World is multipolar, multifaceted kind of thing. Values, ethics, politics etc everything are profit seeking, profit dependent entities.
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