Kuching : The Hidden Gem City in Malaysia

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Have you ever heard of Kuching?


Well, I am not talking about a cat, but it is literally what it means.

Kuching is the most populous city in the state of Sarawak,Malaysia, with a population approximately 617,887 people. Before it was only known as Sarawak.

Kuching means ‘cat’ in Malay, but in Sarawak, we call it "Pusak". On the side note, the language we use in Sarawak is not the same with the language in Peninsular, Malaysia. The local's share different version of stories about how the city acquired the name. But, I don't want to get into that. Well, when whenever you have the chance to come to Kuching, don't hesitate to stop by to the Sarawak Museum. Where they share a lot of history about Sarawak.

In this blog, I would love to share what I love the most about my own hometown. Well, besides Breakin' and Djing, what I love to do is to capture what I see. Yes sir, taking photos! Although, I don't own any professional DSLR, but most of my photos capture using my Huawei P10 Plus. A great smartphone with decent camera.


Well, Kuching, unlike any other cities in Malaysia, Kuching is underrated and well for some, they say it is boring city (pfft~). Unfortunately, some even think that we lives on a tree, or perhaps driving like this guy down here.

Cartoon : Flinstone

Well, no kidding. But what I'm trying to say is, they do underestimate about Kuching. Eventhough it is small city, for me, it is the most peaceful and beautiful city, rich in history and legends. Here are some of the photos I've been to in Kuching and I will share what's good about it.

Item 1* # Starting from Food

Well, this is where my food education kicks in, when it comes to food. I know some of the place you would love to try their food in Kuching. Believe me, I've been there. 100% satisfied. Well, the local might suggest alternative places which offer the same value and taste. Bare in mind, this is only some of my suggestion on what you have to try first once you step into this city. (Please don't go to MCD or KFC, try our local dishes!).

Well, one of the most flavorful dishes in Sarawak, "Laksa Sarawak"(Figure 1). Local's favourite!
Together the chicken broth and the laksa paste made from variety combination of spices, top with shredded eggs,prawn, coriander, serve with rice vermicelli in a bowl. Well, nothing can beat the Laksa Sarawak! Well, you will say the same once you try it. Here are some of the suggestion where you can get your Laksa Sarawak.

  1. Serapi Corner Batu 7
  2. Pak Amit Cafe
  3. Mom's Laksa
  4. Golden Arch Garden Cafe.

Figure 1: Laksa Sarawak, Pak Amit Cafe,15 minutes from the capital city.

“Breakfast of the Gods” , quoted by the world-renowned travelling chef, Anthony Bourdain.
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/3P4tdFsIcw/?hl=en

Next , I would share about the food in Figure 2. Well in English, the name of this dish might sound weird to some. If you try to translate it through google. It might pronounce it as " Rice with Knocked Out Chicken". Yes, laugh all you want.

But it is actually Rice with Barbeque Chicken and raw local vegies(Ulam). You can request for extra sambal if you want some extra kick. This dish available in Barok Village Cafe, just opposite to the Waterfront Kuching.

Figure 2: Nasi Ayam Ketok, Barok Village Cafe.

Well, there's plenty of local dishes I can name it for you. Mee Kolok, Umai, Ayam Pansuh, where most of it you can get in Barok Village Cafe.

So next I want to share about





My advice to the backpackers who love to go for hiking,jungle trekking etc in Sarawak.
The monsoon season runs through November to February. Come on May - July , it's mostly sunny on this month, just perfect for travel. Kuching offers wide range of accomodations. So I suggest you to look for QuikCat and Singgahsana lodge if you are looking for place to stay.

Well, there's more to share, which I will share in my next blog, So stay tune!
If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment below.


nasi ayam ketok!!!! legend bro

This is great. I have only been to Kuching once and I absolutely loved the food there. The city has some old and quaint places around and I love the cat fountain and walk along the river. Wish I could have stayed longer. Please share more about Kuching :)

Hi @josheeo. Thanks for spending your time to read my post. Surely I will share more about Kuching, especially my favorite place . Stay tune!

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