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Hello all! Bossku is back! Despite the current social distancing in place, bossku is still working his ass off to earn your guys cryptocurrency.

Bossku has been doing upvote and sending SHOP token to our investors previously, that however may be stopped doing soon in #steem blockchain. For one, the auto upvote system is no longer efficient. Bossku will leave the system run, but bossku can't guarantee if able to upvote you if the service provider is down.

On the other hand, the SHOP token that is supposed to sent out are based on automated commenting system, as and when you make a post, bossku bot sees you and upvote you, then leave a comment to trigger the SHOP bot to send you token, is also not not efficient. SHOP token originally worth something, but with the recent FORK, majority of the STEEM ENGINE tokens took a big hit as many investors has cashed out at all cost. What left in the market, is what we called devastating. Bossku possess 300+ SHOP token as at today, but it worth less than 10 USCents.

Nevertheless, bossku will be continuously managing our biscuit factory with minimum staffing possible. We already let our guard down there were many raids going on since the great fork, so bossku thought of what the fork, might as well just let it loose. So our biscuit factory now literally has nobody there other than a bunch of hobos. We making sure our supply are just enough to cover our operation costs, and the rest of the drugs we all sent for heist and exchange with DWD, and whatever balance will be used to purchase TPU token to collect interests.

Stay positvie, stay home and stay healthy party people. We will send you some biscuit soon.

Thank you for your previous support, my fellow investors

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bossku, thanks for your kindness to gift SHOP to 6 steemians, you have been received a 100% upvote from me~
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