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kids doing their drawing at MyJuniors

@sireh and 3 little juniors

MyJuniors : Come Draw With Me

10th March 2018 (2pm - 4pm)

As the second offline activity for MyJuniors was planned, we wanted to get talented individuals from steem-cartoon to join in. With the help of @sireh & @rambai , we got these champions to come and teach MyJuniors the basics in drawing cartoons.

All the kids seem to have had a great time and the adults were just snapping away using their cameras.

The event which was organized by MyJuniors lead @elizacheng was attended by almost 20 kids aged 3years - 14years of age. Main sponsor of the event was @myach a collaboration with @sndbox to assist and accelerate the growth of TeamMalaysia and other projects within the community.

we also had @rambai to come and help out in teaching the kids

Thanks to the entire TeamMalaysia community in lending a helping hand and supporting this great initiative by @elizacheng in nurturing kids into creating great content .

Next set of activities planned for MyJuniors would be online where every kid around the globe will be able to participate in it. It would still be themed towards Come & Draw with Me . More announcement soon.

International Women's Day

10th March 2018 (8pm -late)

After cleaning up and clearing everything at MyJuniors event , i was looking forward in heading over the night event where @perennial would be talking about Women's Rights followed by a series of music presentation of local artists and talents.

The event was organized by @perennial ( steem-cartoon ) with the help of @calebleejl ( steem-music ) and @angiechin28 ( teammalaysiababes ) and a few others which I may have missed out on names which i do apologies.

picture by @sireh

I must say that I did learn a few things or two about the Malaysian law on Women's rights. We were then graced by the spectacular performances by @cbppls @kymio and Faris , @jassicania and of course @calebleejl and his beautiful and talented wife .

pictures by @sireh

There were a lot of people that came , mostly were already Steemians however there were some which has just heard about it. These are the kind of events where it provides a great platform to share and also to outreach to other communities the possibilities of what the steem blockchain can do for us.


It was a very long day however its always great to see the community grow and with support from the entire community, the growth of Steemians in Malaysia will continuously grow at a very rapid rate.


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Awww the kids are so cute! And really you can see in their eyes that they are having fun!

A long day full of proof of awesomeness! More Malaysian Steemians to come! Let's cheers to that! 🥂


thanks @dearjyoce ... they were really happy ! brings joy to everyone =)

Yet more awesome events! Great work!

Thanks for dropping by bro @bitrocker2020! You must be really tired but the spirit lives on! Salute!!


your welcome .. yea slept like a log


I can imagine! You need a break with the family soon. Just recharge.

Looks like you had a great event there @bitrocker2020! Well done.


yeap ! it was great ! ..... kids are so creative .. and their eagerness to learn just makes it so fun to watch. The evening event was filled with so much Talented musicians .... if u are ever down in Kuala Lumpur .. let me take u around

This even looks like it went great! Well done @bitrocker2020. I love the picture of @sireh next to the young girls. That is a great cartoon of one of the young students. These kids are lucky to have you both teaching them the benefits of art and posting it on steemit at a young age! Great work!


thanks @thunderbirdcomic .... it was fun to see @sireh in action with the kids .. a real champion he is. The kids learnt so fast in drawing the cartoons .. it was funny to see once they started "improvising" .

a great post, let alone about learning so

hitting two birds in one stone event , this is definitely the cutest event for the kids I saw and those talented steemians are awesome!!

I can conclude that this event is really a WOW-factor. Highly appreciate the initiative of this event. Kodus!

good initiative and meetup follow now

good and amazing steemit promotion

10th march, such a busy day. lol

MyJunior really looks great. Kids really can benefit from it a lot. Kudos to all the team.

How i wish I can be there to join all meetup. lol