Empowering Musicians on the Blockchain | Steem + Musicoin


Empowering Musician's on the Blockchain

Our 2nd 100 Degrees for Musicians, Singer & Songwriters was held today at YellowHive the home of @mewnusic . Thanks to all those who attended and the speakers @calebleejl , @djlethalskillz , @vandigital and @edward-ong for the awesome performance ! I'll share it once I got it uploaded.

Using the blockchain for your music

The key takeaways during the presentation was introducing a new way to use Steemit to detail your journey in creating your music / album and also a way to promote their music to an entire new crowd.

Also @djlethalskillz shared about using Musicoin to publish their original music online where each time someone listens to their song , royalties are paid to deserving artists and collaborators thru the Musicoin blockchain.


It was a great event with about 20 plus people who attended and we had loads of fun especially in the whiteroom . Who can resist taking photo in the whiteroom !!!


I had a great time learning about blockchain and how it works, and how to make your music work for you. It was a great experience for me and an eyeopener as well... Thanks @illkrux for pulling me into this.

Thanks for taking your time to come @synchrfz.fhe

Thank you @bitrocker2020 for your efforts in bringing all this initiatives! Totally appreciate every bit of them big bro! Respect!

No problem bro! It was best you see it first hand to experience the community! Glad you're in!

Sounds interesting and fun about music blockchain

lets organize one for musicians in Labuan ?

Yes. Got to do it!

Should film a DLive and perform a song together and that will rock it. Glad to have more musician in block-chain as well.

hahah .... it may ... happen ! =)

Wow! That will be awesome!

I can imagine you had loads of fun! Would have loved to be there, talking about Steemit, Musicoin and Dsound :) We've been using these three for just over a month and it's a great new world!

wowwww!! looking forward for the next meeting like this! Hope I can get to join it next time!(If there are meetings like this again of course hehe)

This is next level open-mic, yo!