Cosplay Character Photoshop Digital Manipulation 角色扮演数码操纵PS修图

in teammalaysia •  14 days ago


Camera(相机)Nikon D800
Len (镜头)Nikor 24-70mm
Setting (拍摄设定)ISO 100 , f5.6, 1/160 sec,
Post Processing(后制)Photoshop


Hope you like this and do follow me for more photoshop manipulation images in future. 希望您会喜欢这贴文,欢迎跟进我将来的贴文以便能够浏灠更多PS数码操纵修图.
For before and after post processing images, please visit the link below, 照片修图前后对照请浏灠以下链接:

[ HDR Effect Photo HDR 效果拍摄 ]
( )


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