When you know nothing about football...

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Since the appearance of Paul the octopus, which was used to predict the results of football matches in 2010, a deaf white cat was chosen this year to do the job. People believe that its prediction will be accurate because a deaf cat is not able to hear anything so it will not side any team. For the opening match, it chose a bowl of food bearing Russia's flag rather than the bowl of food bearing Saudi Arabia's flag. (Maybe the bowl of cat food bearing Russia's flag just smells a little more better.) Well, we should be able to know the results after a while.

Anyways, all the best to all the teams participating in the FIFA World Cup 2018!


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Didn't know that they use deaf cat this round. Was it only the first game?

Yes, it's on the news! They used the cat to predict the results for the first game. Not so sure about the others.